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  • Permealay Black Weed Control/Landscape Fabric  By : Julie Brandreth
    A permeable black weed control fabric/ground cover. Ideal for landscaping and a multitude of uses in the garden and greenhouse
  • What is a Weed? Know Your Enemy  By :
    A weed is not a specific type of plant, it is simply an unwanted plant or a plant that is growing where it is not wanted Once upon a time, this weed was a wanted plant and may have been introduced to the locality for a particular use � to look pretty, to be used in cooking or for culinary purposes
  • 10 Weed Prevention Tips  By :
    Weeds are a gardener's nightmare and can really spoil your enjoyment of you garden A gardener's dream is to have a lush, green lawn and neat, colourful borders all free from weeds
  • Converting a Weed Garden to a Manageable Flower Garden  By :
    Recently I must have had sucker tattooed on my forehead because just when I thought my summer gardening season was winding down into a nice relaxed not hard labor kind of fall a friend baited me into a conversation about their landscaping and the outcome was I ended up helping them redesign a garden
  • How Organic Control Methods Get Rid of Weeds Effectively  By :
    Weeds can become a nuisance, if ignored and not properly controlled The Organic Control Method can produce a weed-free garden to avoid the side effects of herbicide poisoning
  • How to Prevent Weeds in Concrete  By : Pat Munro
    Keeping weeds and moss away from your homes concrete designs and structures will not only keep the area looking good, but will stave off the need to replace the entire area Some weeds can actually grow through concrete slabs (Japanese Knotweed); others will start to grow through cracks (dandelions) and along the outer trim of the concrete area
  • Proper Way of Weeding  By : Craig Desmier
    Weeds are the unwanted plants in your garden that compete with your main crop for space, water, sunlight and nutrients Weeds are also carrier of plant diseases and can spread easily if they are not dealt with

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