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  • Want An Annual Or Perennial Plant, Check Out Water (Aquatic) Plants  By : John Hoffman
    Water (aquatic) plants are plants that have adapted to living in aquatic environments They are also referred to as aquatic macrophytes
  • Marginal Plants To Grow In Your Pond  By : Kane Ashley
    This plant deserves a full article all of its own. There are three varieties of Iris that are considered for being true aquatic plants for growing all year round within the shallows of your pond and i believe it to be unthinkable to possess a collection of Marginals without having one of these stunning plants growing within your pond.
  • Ceratophyllym Demersum - Coontail  By : Tammy Sons
    Ceratophyllym demersum (also known as the Coontail) is an undersea rootless perennial plant with several branches with rigid bushy whorls of split dark green leaves This underwater plant is often seen growing in lakes, streams, ponds and slow running waterways all over the country
  • Typha - Cattails  By : Tammy Sons
    Typha is a genus of several species of flowering plants in the monogeneric family, Typaceae Typha is native to many parts of the northern hemisphere but it can be found in many temperate and subtropical areas also
  • Home Grown - Duck Potatoes?  By : Tammy Sons
    Duck Potatoes is the layman name for Sagittaria also known as arrowhead It is one of the twenty species of the aquatic plants
  • Certaphyllum Demersum Coontail  By : Tammy Sons
    The Certaphyllum demerson coontail is a plant that is submersed that does not have any root making it a free-floating plant The plant is commonly found habituating in ponds, streams, lakes, and slow moving waters in the United States, Canada, and the Virgin Islands
  • Submerged Pond Plants  By :
    TN Nursery caries a variety of aquatic or pond plants Pond plants are plants that grow partially or wholly in water whether rooted in the mud, as a lotus, or floating without anchorage, as the water hyacinth

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