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  • The History Of Orchids  By :
    Most of us regard the orchid as a beautiful, exotic and romantic flower Most are also unaware of their spectacular history and the passionate efforts which have gone into finding, cataloguing and creating the orchids which we enjoy today
  • Introduction To Orchids  By :
    Orchids are a very unique family of flowers; they are the largest family of flowering plants The orchid has evolved so successfully that there is only one continent in the world where they do not grow naturally � Antarctica
  • Growing Tropical Plants in Non-Tropical Reqions  By : Peter Dixon
    Tropical Paradise. We often see commercials of Tropical Vacations and dream of better days sitting under the sun with a drink in our hands. What is it about the tropics we so enduring? What lures us to these places? In colder climates during the winter months plants have acclimated to the climate. They can take freezing temperatures and months of snow and ice. However tropical plants are not capable of surviving these climates. But we still long for that Tropical fruit we buy in the store

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