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  • Common Beggar's Tick  By : Tammy Sons
    Common Beggar's-tick is a plant often known as (Hairy Beggar's-tick) It goes by the scientific name Bidens Alba
  • Growing Mexican Sunflowers  By :
    Everyone knows intuitively what a "normal" sunflower looks like Tall and bright, they take on an almost majestic appearance by the time they've grown to full height
  • An Overview of Sunflower Diseases  By :
    Sunflowers have always been the target of disease Even though some of them are most dominant in certain locations in the U
  • 4 Tips For Drying Sunflowers  By :
    Your drying strategy will depend on whether you're growing sunflowers for crop yield or in a personal garden Today, we'll focus on a large harvest
  • Storage Tips For Sunflowers  By :
    The manner in which you store your sunflowers can play an important role in the preservation of your seeds (as well as the ease with which they're unloaded) For example, if there is excess moisture during storage, it's possible for the moisture to freeze the seeds, causing breakage
  • Harvesting and Drying Sunflowers  By :
    There's more to harvesting and drying sunflowers than many professional growers realize How soon you decide to harvest them will depend largely on energy costs, temperatures, and whether you prefer them to dry naturally
  • Planting, Fertilizing, And Protecting Sunflowers  By :
    Even though sunflowers have been cultivated for hundreds of years, professional growers are still discovering new methods for increasing output and improving the overall quality of the crop Plus, as new uses for the byproducts of sunflowers (seeds, oil, etc
  • Sunflowers And Saturday Afternoons  By :
    It started out like so many of my trips to the local nursery My shoes were not exactly clean then again neither were my jeans
  • Exploring the History of Sunflowers  By :
    Sunflowers have been cultivated and harvested by many cultures for at least 4,500 years They've been used for a variety of purposes that range from culinary to medicinal
  • How to Grow Sunflowers: Back to Basics  By :
    It's easy to imagine a garden that is full of tall, brightly-colored sunflowers They're easy to grow, simple to maintain and can add a dazzling splash of color to any landscape
  • How Sunflower Oil Is Made And Used  By :
    Sunflower seed are widely regarded as one of nature�s most potent all-in-one sources for a variety of nutrients that the body needs and is used for a wide range of health purposes with heart disease and strengthening the immune system topping the list Is sunflower seed oil any different
  • The Historical Significance Of Sunflowers  By :
    The sunflower is often portrayed as a smiling, happy flower in modern times and with all of its benefits, this analogy is completely accurate The sunflower has been used worldwide for a variety of reasons and its contribution to mankind�s wellbeing is often understated
  • Making And Eating Sunflower Seeds  By :
    The sunflower has been used since ancient times as a food source � carbon dating shows Native American use from as early as 2300BC With its long and varied history � and scientifically proven worth in keeping people healthy, there are now many uses of these popular seeds
  • Are There Different Breeds Or Kinds Of Sunflowers?  By :
    The sunflower is one of � of not the most � loved flowers on earth It doesn�t have the grace of a lily, or the romance of a rose � but the sheer cheerfulness will instantly brighten up your day
  • Advice On Growing Your Own Sunflowers  By :
    Few things bring to mind an American Fall season quite like Sunflowers�well, maybe pumpkins, but we�re going with Sunflowers on this one A native plant to America, the Sunflower (Helianthus annus) is an annually blooming plant and can grow to be over 3 meters tall
  • Sunflowers � A Complete Guide to Selecting and Growing  By : Dr. Christopher J. Kline
    This complete guide to selecting and growing sunflowers contains all the information one needs to be successful at growing and enjoying these great flowers. Information is provided on selecting a location for planting, selecting from the many varieties, seed starting, transplanting and the care and feeding of sunflowers.

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