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  • Get a Jump on a Gardening Idea For Spring Time by Starting Now  By : Adriana Notton
    As fall winds down, with crops ripening and being harvested, perennial flowers and bushes being put to bed beneath a blanket of mulch and the yard cleaned up of debris from the past year, winter is creeping closer With its arrival, many would think that the year is finished, as far as plantings and so forth
  • Thrifty Living Tips For Spring - 5 Thrifty Gardening Ideas For Spring  By :
    Looking for some thrifty living tips to get your spring started Spring is the time of renewal and growth
  • Spring Clean Your Garden  By :
    The Winter is over, the snow and cold weather is starting to fade into a distant memory or at least disappear from thought for the next eight months Your attention starts to focus on your garden which has become a bit of a mess over the Winter period as the season goes into Spring
  • How Do I Prepare My Pond For Spring Time?  By :
    As spring time approaches, there are a few things that you can do to prepare your pond for this amazing time Remember that spring is the best time to perform pond maintenance and prepare for a fruitful summer for your fish, plants, and yourself
  • Garden Techniques - How To Deal With Frost Damaged Plants  By :
    Spring is a time when you can often get caught out by an unexpected frost We have had a couple of vicious frosts after relatively balmy days, and this can be lethal for plants that get caught and are unprotected too
  • Spring Around The Corner? Get Your Garden Ready!  By :
    Even while many parts of the country are still under a blanket of snow (with more in the forecast) the calendar tells us that spring is in fact, on the way
  • Springtime Protection Of Your Forest And Yard Against Cankerworm Landscape Damage  By :
    Myths and misconceptions abound about the springtime banding of yard, ornamental and fruit trees against the upcoming hordes of spring as well as early spring time cankerworms infestations

    The confusion over Cankerworms arises due to the fact that there are actually two different species of Cankerworms
  • Protect Plants, Shade and Insulate Greenhouses with Garden Fleece  By : Julie Brandreth
    Horticultural fleece will protect early crops and tender plants against the weather, insect pests and damage from small birds. Water light and air can pass through the material. A green fleece is ideal for crop protection and greenhouse insulation.

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