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  • Landscaping For a Family-Friendly Yard  By : Piper Smith
    When making design decisions regarding an outdoor space like a yard or garden, many people don't stop to consider how to make a yard childproof and family friendly Images of elaborate flowerbeds and well manicured lawns are a more likely to come to mind than swing sets and security gates
  • Cat Proof Gardening in the Shade  By : Davinos Greeno
    I have a small garden and want to maximise my growing this spring as ive reached the ripe old age of 30 and I am becoming more and more interested in gardening I have traditionally left this to my wife to do but being a green person gardening has literally grown on me
  • Desert Willow Flowering Screen Shrubs For Drought Tolerant Gardens  By : Laura Zinkan
    Desert willow is a drought tolerant shrub or small tree, known for large, unique flowers in shades from hot pink, purple, yellow or white. They bloom on long clusters with 2 inch flowers with contrasting stripes. Birds eat the seeds and hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers. Chilopsis linearis is native to the Western United States and are hardy to 3 degrees and can survive on as little as 10 inches a year of rainfall, making them good choices for dry landscapes.
  • Three Shrubs for Fast Privacy Screens in Drought Tolerant Gardens and Landscapes  By : Laura Zinkan
    Gardens are perfect places to unwind from the day. Screen plants can provide privacy in your garden, hide an unsightly area and provide shade. Hopseed Bush, Brush Cherry and Italian Cypress are three shrubs or small trees that are useful for screens, grow fast, or are drought tolerant. Some plants have all three qualities!
  • Characteristics of Dry Landscaping  By : Luann Hays
    In the hot and dry Southwestern United States, landscaping takes on an entirely different significance than in other areas As water is so precious here, conservation is a major concern of both home owners and government officials
  • Landscape Architects Specify Tree Grates Benches and Everything in Between  By : Rob Milla
    Landscape architects are often under appreciated The reason is that most people don�t even know there is such a thing as landscape architect
  • Desert Landscaping  By : Luann Hays
    Not everyone has the pleasure of having great land for their landscaping project and therefore it can be a lot harder for them. It could be that your land is like a desert where the plant growth is very rare and there is hardly any green grass. When the land looks barren and unpromising, it can be hard to imagine it looking good at all.
  • Aspects of Dry Landscaping  By : Luann Hays
    In the hot and dry Southwestern United States, landscaping takes on an entirely different significance than in other regions. As water is so precious here, conservation is a major concern of both home owners and city officials. But desert home owners don't have to sacrifice beauty because of the lack of water.
  • Saw Grass - A Cutting Edge Plant For Your Water's Edge Landscaping Needs  By : Tammy Sons
    Cladium jamaicense, commonly known as saw grass, is a perennial that is a part of a genus of large sedges � and, therefore, not a true grass � that typically make their home in temperate and tropical regions around the world Sedge will have a triangular-shaped stem, where true grass will have a round stem
  • Irrigation Landscapes  By :
    All about watering your landscape 101

    When it comes to watering the landscape, everyone has his or her own ideas and beliefs Some people water their plants once a week, others water plants 2-3 times a week, and yet others never water their plants- living everything to nature
  • Got A Swamp, Wetland Or Bog --Who Doesn't?  By :
    A wetland is a naturally preserved area that contains native plants and animals Sometimes, in our modern era, wetlands and bogs need a bit of help
  • Covering Your Wetland Plant Mitigation Job With Native Trees & Shrubs  By :
    A Wholesale Native Plant Nursery carries a variety of wetland mitigation plants Wetland mitigation is the creation, restoration, or enhancement of wetlands, to compensate for wetlands that were or may be lost due to regulated activities or non-exempt agricultural activities
  • Using Garden Bridges to Beautify Back Yard Ruts  By :
    Garden bridges can increase the safety and beauty of small ruts in your back yard Not everyone has a smooth back yard, or even a smooth hill for a backyard
  • Adding Color to Your Garden With Potting Benches  By :
    Potting benches are work stations created for gardeners They usually offer several shelves for storage, as well as a work area
  • Stone Landscaping  By :
    Stone is a naturally durable substance that you can use to decorate virtually any landscape It can work as a supportive element of a garden or ornamental feature, or it can work as a primary element to a special style or earthwork
  • What is Xeriscaping and How Can Your Home Benefit?  By :
    Are you thinking about redoing the landscaping in your yard Are you concerned about water use
  • Custom Landscaping Bridges For Your Garden  By : Joe M Guraru
    Whatever your ultimate goal for your garden is, make sure you consider the installation of a garden bridge as part of the planning process. They aren't as expensive as you may think, and if you choose the right provider / builder - you will just love looking out the window and seeing that prominent feature positioned nicely in your garden.
  • Process Of Landscape Curbing  By :
    Landscape curbing adds beauty to landscapes by giving definition to flower beds, sidewalks and pathways It makes grass mowing more particular and easy, while giving clear boundaries on parking bays and side walks
  • Hedge Plants a Natural Way to �Fence� Your Yard  By :
    Passing kids, nosy neighbors, wandering drunks, escaping pets, there are many different reasons for fencing your yard but it is quite expensive to fence your whole yard and lets be honest there are more natural and economic ways to get some privacy against prying eyes A solution with evergreen hedge plants is much better way, it is much more natural, usually it will be less expensive and it is also more effective in the long run
  • Rain Gardens A New Landscape  By : M Wakefield
    Rain gardens offer numerous benefits, including decreasing flooding on adjacent areas, overflow in sewers, and erosion.
  • Mediterranean Gardens - The Latest In Garden Escapes For Your Backyard  By :
    If you want to escape the everyday hassles of life but can't afford to go on a Mediterranean vacation, you could fix up your backyard with a Mediterranean garden to help you relax the night or weekend away

    Mediterranean gardens are very popular right now in some of the warmer parts of the United States and they are easy to have built by a professional garden company or to build yourself
  • Swimming Pool Landscaping: Secrets To Success  By :
    There is any number of reasons to enhance your yard with swimming pool landscaping You may want to make your swimming pool more private, or add to its visual appeal with borders of flowering plants, a waterfall, or a charming rock garden
  • Landscaping Advice For Florida  By :
    If you want to grow of garden of any kind on your Florida property, you may want to get into composting Composting is especially helpful in Florida because you'll probably be doing a lot of pruning over time, and it will be very convenient and helpful to the environment to place all the branches and other material you have removed from your yard in a compost bin
  • Bird Feeding Stations  By : Azlan Irda
    What is a bird feeding station? It�s simple. It�s an area within your yard or your property where you have birdfeeders set up. Most bird feeding stations are set up near the deck or a window, so your family can enjoy the various birds that will come.

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