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  • Privet Shrubs  By : Tammy Sons
    Privet shrubs are plants that are classified under the genus Ligustrum As a result they are commonly known as Ligustrum shrubs as well
  • American Holly  By : Tammy Sons
    One of the types of bushes gaining popularity in use as a hedge is the American Holly Out of the many types of bushes and hedges available to plant, the Holly makes a beautiful addition while being very easy to maintain
  • Rose of Sharon  By : Tammy Sons
    Rose of Sharon, or Hibiscus syriacus, is a deciduous flowering shrub that has a few other common names These are Rose of Althea and Shrub Althea
  • Karl Sax Forsythia  By : Tammy Sons
    Fall planting preludes your spring dreams The Karl Sax forsythia is an early bloomer that sports deep yellow 2� (Chinese bell) flowers with orange-marked centers that provide a golden glow to the entire plant and boldly announce the arrival of spring
  • Burning Bush  By : Tammy Sons
    This might just be one of the most controversial shrubs in existence The USDA labels it as an invasive species, but regardless of this fact many people simply love having the Burning Bush in their homes because of the lovely colour it gives during fall

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