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  • A Few Things You Didn�t Know About White Sage  By : The Growers Exchange
    Historically, white sage�s healing powers have been traced through time and have impacted many different cultures including the Ancient Babylonians, Ancient Greeks, the Chinese, and a host of Native North and South American tribes who used white sage in their healing and prayer rituals. Used for everything from curing headaches, sores and snakebites to attaining mystical foresight and thwarting bad spirits, white sage is an extremely culturally valuable herb.
  • Growing Culinary Sage for Kitchens Gardens or Dry Landscapes (Salvia Officinalis)  By : Laura Zinkan
    The sage herbs you cook with in the kitchen also a makes a delicious addition to dry landscapes and container gardens. Culinary sage or salvia officinalis is native to the warm Mediterranean regions and the grayish green shrubs grow to a height of three feet tall. Leaves are fragrant and sticky and can be used in cooking either fresh or dried. Sage grows in full sun to partial, dappled shade, and are hardy to about 20 degrees. Their beautiful blue flowers appear on tall stalks in the summer.

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