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  • Garden Building on the Rooftop  By : Trevor Stone
    In the last quarter of the 20th century, house expansion geared more towards the vertical The trend could have been brought about by the migration of young professionals into the city
  • House and Garden Watering with a Solar Pump  By : Steve Baker
    Discover the 21st Century way of moving water on farms that has NO ongoing running costs and it's more reliable than wind.
  • Water From The Sun!  By : Steve Baker
    With the cost of connecting the electricity supply to pumps on rivers and dams is too expensive, farmers are now turning to solar pumps for massive savings in installation and running costs.
  • Useful Tips About Roof and Terrace Gardening  By : David H. Urmann
    Roof gardens are now becoming popular because of the limited space in most cities Gardening relieves stress, such that many people would even settle for roof gardens to keep this hobby
  • Useful Tips in Designing a Roof Garden  By : David H. Urmann
    A roof garden is a garden on top of a building It is the easiest way to save water, reduce energy costs and help eliminate water run off
  • How to Build a Roof Garden  By :
    The concept of a roof garden is not a new one In fact, it is centuries old
  • Is Urban Roof Garden Possible?  By :
    A roof garden is any garden situated on the roof a building A flat or gently sloped roof transformed into a landscape environment
  • Roof Garden  By :
    The roof garden is the type of the garden on roof of the building Humans have also grown the plants atop of the structures because antiquity

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