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  • Types Of Plants To Use For Your Rock Garden.  By : Kane Ashley
    This has taken slightly longer to put in writing than I had planned, but I think it is worth waiting for. In my last article I finished by talking about raised beds.
  • What Flowers Can Grow Well in a Rock Filled Flower Bed?  By : Adrianna Norton
    Rock filled flower beds, or rock flower gardens, have become quite popular in recent years They make for a lovely decorative feature to the property and they make for a fun hobby
  • Evergreens and Shrubs for the Rock Garden  By :
    Dwarf evergreens and dwarf shrubs will help to produce the illusion of naturalness in the rock garden to a greater degree than any other form of plant materials, if they are used in the right way There are very few rock gardens, indeed, regardless of their size or character, which cannot be made more attractive by the addition of some of these dwarf plants
  • Evergreens and Shrubs for the Rock Garden Background  By :
    Evergreens and shrubs used for forming the background or setting for the garden are not subject to the restrictions for the actual rock garden, particularly as regards height

    Nevertheless the transition from the small scale on which the rock garden is planned to taller trees in the background should not be made too suddenly; and whatever is to be visible from the interior of the rock garden should be in keeping as to character
  • Alpine and Other Rock Plants  By :
    While it may be immaterial where our plants for the rock garden come from, in so far as the effects which we create with them are concerned, their origin does make a difference in regard to the culture to be given them For this reason, if for no other, it is desirable to know something of the differences in the several classes of plants available for rock garden use
  • Bulbs in a Rock Garden  By :
    In most books on rock gardening, a large part of the space is devoted to the description of plants, and of individual varieties This is as it should be, and to those who are taking up seriously this fascinating form of gardening, the acquisition of at least one or two of these larger volumes is by all means recommended
  • Prepping For a Rock Garden  By :
    Watering a Rock Garden

    Watering a rock garden is a matter of the utmost importance, which nevertheless is scarcely mentioned in rock garden literature In England, of course, this is not so vital a matter as with us
  • Rock Garden Foundation Planting  By :
    There is still another use for a customized variety of the rock garden which has been taken little advantage of This is referred to as "rock garden foundation planting
  • How To Build A Rockery - Part 4  By :
    Before you start building, it is a good idea to draw a rough sketch of the rockery These are the things to consider when drawing up your plan:

    Each rocky outcrop is formed into an L-shape with the large keystone in the centre
  • How To Build A Rockery - Part 1  By :
    A poorly designed and constructed rockery looks like a pile of stones A good one is a combination of stones and soil deliberately constructed to recreate rocky outcrop usually found in mountainous areas
  • How To Build A Rockery - Part 2  By :
    Last time we left off talking about the importance of drainage in your rockery

    I voice my opinion that a light sandy soil on top gravel is ideal
  • How To Build A Rockery - Part 3  By :
    The specially prepared soil used in constructing the rockery consists of topsoil (or loan-based compost) mixed with grit This provides a bulky, well-drained mix, which holds the rockery together and provides an ideal habitat for alpine planets and flowers

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