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  • Blanket Weed the Scourge of Pond Owners  By : Mo Bazin
    Blanket Weed is a form of algae and is very prolific It is very difficult to get rid of once it is in your pond, but there are products you can try to get rid of blanket weed
  • Introduction to Garden Ponds  By : Steven Sannan
    The terms "water garden" and "garden pond" are often used to mean the same thing A garden pond normally contains plants and fish like goldfish, while a water garden will contain a variety of aquatic plants and may contain fish typically like gold fish
  • Garden Pond Waterfall  By : Tom Franklin
    By introducing a garden pond waterfall in your back yard both elegance and ambience can be achieved to your overall landscaping People love to hear the melody of water cascading by waterfall or streaming via fountains
  • How to Plan a Pond in Your Water Garden  By :
    When a stream intersects the garden, this requires more work You should use general treatment in expanding the water area considerably
  • Maintaining Oxygen Levels in Your Pond  By :
    The most frequent cause of death in pond fish are extreme environmental stressors such as the lack of oxygen Blooming algae is the concern for the two of the major factors that contribute to oxygen loss in fish ponds
  • The Best Pond Fountain Pump For My Garden  By :
    Pond fountains are a beautiful addition to almost every garden However, choosing the right pump for your fountain may not be as easy as you think it would be
  • Maintaining An Outside Pond  By :
    Whether you have a large outdoor pond that houses many varieties of fish, or a pond that is there just as a feature, you still have the problem over how to keep the water clean and clear

    Below are just a few of the common ways people use by achieving this
  • When Is The Best Time To Start Setting Up A Garden Pond?  By :
    Garden ponds are stunning water features that can add a lot of excitement to a yard or garden There are a lot of considerations to make when installing a garden pond on your property, and it is important to put a lot of research into your pond development and creation, otherwise you may make a fatal mistake that destroys the quality of your pond, or the fish or plant life that depend on it to thrive
  • How To Care For A Garden Pond  By :
    A garden pond is a truly lovely feature to have Many people enjoy sitting in their garden, relaxing and watching the fish swim through their pond
  • What's the Big Deal About Ponds?  By : Terry Morill
    Over the last 3 years there has been a phenomenal growth in the water garden business. There is more demand for ponds, ponds with waterfalls, koi ponds -- you name it -- every year.
  • Water Garden Ponds - Should You Add One To Your Yard?  By :
    Water gardens are an important feature for a well landscaped yard. Many people are able to maintain a nice yard and it makes their homes look even more beautiful. However, the water gardens are even more spectacular than normal flower gardens and thus can make your home stand out amongst the rest of the neighborhood.
  • Creating Natural Ponds Helps The Environment  By : Kip Fynn
    Natural ponds have lots of life. Natural ponds are some of the most important aspects of the conservation of our wildlife, both animal and plant. All types of species are drawn to them from dragonflies and pond skaters, to frogs, turtles and sometimes even the chance of a fox. Wild ponds are disappearing at a truly alarming rate and as they disappear forever they are taking the animals and plants that depend on them for their survival with them. Animals must seek out other watering holes that ma

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