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  • Six Steps to Growing Plants From Softwood Cuttings  By :
    Softwood cuttings should be taken from April to August, Depending on where you live, you may be able to start taking middle of march

    Step one for taking cuttings

    Cut off a plants healthy side shoot roughly 3 to 4 inches long, with 3 to 4 pairs of leaves and no flower buds
  • Propagation, When Is The Best Time To Do It?  By :
    If you are a beginner at rose gardening you have probably heard the phrase rose propagation and you are quite sure what it is and how to do it Propagation is a term used to describe reproduction in the plant world
  • Rose Cuttings � The Art Of Cutting And Preparing Them For Propagation  By :
    Since the Victorian Era, rose cuttings have been used to propagate roses, and even pioneers who journeyed west to find a new life would use this art as well They would take along various cuttings from their gardens in the east, putting them in mason jars and carting them across the land until they found the right place to plant
  • Garden Finials � Complete Your Garden With Style  By :
    Complete your garden with style

    Garden Finials, statues and weather vanes are all a great way to complete the look to your outdoor home

    Many people expand their homes from just decorating the inside of their house to also decorating the outside
  • How To Propagate and Care for Succulent Plants and Cactus By Rooting Leaf or Stem Cuttings  By : Laura Zinkan
    Succulents are perfect plants for xeriscape gardens and are easy to root and grow. Once you learn how easy it is to propagate succulent plants, it's a great way to expand your plant collection - and it's free! You can use this planting technique with succulent plants from the Crassula family like Jade, Spoon Jade and Crassula tetragona as well as other cacti and succulent plants.

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