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  • All About Perennials and Woody Plants  By :
    Perennials are plants that have a life span of more than two years However, when it comes to gardening, perennial generally means a flowering plant that blooms during the growing seasons and then either goes quiescent or dies
  • Sweet William - Bringing Back Pink  By :
    If you stand in a field of Sweet William, these delicate little flowers may bring Valentine�s Day to mind, with their brilliantly shaded red, white, pink and duo-colored petals of the same shades If you know that pink is the new black and you want to bring a little style to your garden, but still preserve that classic, sophisticated look you strived so hard to create, there�s no better flower for you
  • Gardener�s Adore Bugle Weed  By :
    Bugle Weed hails from the groundcover type perennial that is found in most nursery stockyards or hardware stores The vibrant color choice among the Bugle Weed is anything but bland
  • Blazing Star - Falling From the Sky Right Into Your Garden  By :
    If you�re looking for a unique flower to add to your garden, look no further than Blazing Star, a purple perennial that is as interesting as its name The tall, stiff spikes of this flower suggest it may be simply a stick in your garden, but in fact, the exact opposite is true
  • Perennial Plants  By :

    Perennials is a term for a plant that grows back every spring Perennials can be either low-growing or tall-growing plants or produce beautiful and or glowing seed heads, such as those generated by some ornamental grasses
  • Introducing the Blackberry Lily...  By :
    This short living perennial of Japan, Eastern Russia and China is simply fantastic Delicate stems hold precious flowers with ease while staunch sword like leaves give a fullness around the base of the lily
  • The Christmas Rose is One Deer-Resistant Plant You Should Not Be Without  By :
    We call the Christmas rose, also known as the Lenten rose, one of the best deer-resistant plants for your garden They are the best-known and best-loved of all the hellebores
  • The Daphne  By :
    This plant, of which the species are numerous, never receives the care and attention its beauty merits Every green-house contains plants of the well-known Daphne odorata, sometimes called D
  • The Azalea  By :
    The Azalea Indica, or Chinese Azalea, is of Asiatic origin The varieties are innumerable; but the most common and longest known variety is that from which others are but hybrids, Azalea Indica
  • Perennials, Repeat Pleasures  By :
    Perennials are one of my favorite types of plants to have in the garden. Perennials are flowering plants that go dormant in the winter and return each spring.

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