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  • Fertilizers For Your Garden.  By : Kane Ashley
    Over the years a huge mythology has grown up around the magic of fertilizers. The head gardeners of the pre-war estates had their own secret potions.
  • Neem: A Great Natural Organic Fertiliser  By : Sean Goudelock
    One of the most humble, yet useful trees in the world is neem Neem is a very simple-looking tree, but despite its appearance, it has many practical uses
  • The Great Benefits of Natural Fertilizer  By : Dan Lazaj
    To have healthy soil that will produce healthy plants, the soil will require organic matter Organic matter will help in keeping the plants moisture and absorb more nutrients
  • Using Human Urine As Fertilizer In Your Home Garden  By : Todd Heft
    "In one year, the average human being produces enough urine to fertilize 6,300 tomato plants which would produce 2.41 tons of tomato fruits in just one season.� - ABC News Technology & Science column, Sept 9, 2009.
    �Urine is �a good natural nitrogen containing substance and probably could be easily utilized� as a fertilizer, says Dr. Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University Medical Center, New York City.
  • Growing Better Plants With Vermicastings  By : Bruce Galle
    Worm castings are a bilogical process that ensues during the digestive process of worms, not to be confused with either compost or worm compost.
  • Importance of Organic Fertilizers  By : Stephen Godfrey
    Organic fertilizers differ from chemicals, in that, they feed your plants while building the soil's structure. Soils with lots of organic material, remain loose and airy, are better able to hold moisture and nutrients, foster growth of soil organisms, including earthworms
  • How to Make Your Own Organic Garden Fertilizer  By : Denise Loubert
    Like many people, I have found myself wanting more control over the quality of what I eat And so � like many people today, I decided to grow some of the herbs and vegetables that I eat the most
  • Going Organic: Fertilizers For Your Garden  By : Luke Bagley
    If you feel like giving your green thumb a boost to come up with better harvests and plants, you might want to consider purchasing organic fertilizers More and more people are getting into organic fertilizers because the advantages are really very good

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