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  • The Role Of Light In Orchid Care  By : Rejoice Matthews
    Plants have very well occupied the most primary spot when it comes to growing them either in the household or on a large scale for the cultivation and harvest Among this category the flowering plants have become a primary source of happiness for many households and also a very good source of income for the people who cultivate them
  • Repotting Orchids Sucessfully For Optimum Growth  By : Rejoice Matthews
    As with other plants, orchids require to be displaced to bigger pots as they develop The procedure of repotting an orchid, and of orchid care generally, is a little more perplexed than handling your distinctive houseplant
  • Proper Ways to Water Orchids  By : Rejoice Matthews
    Orchids are the most common magnificent plants that are grown in the households worldwide due to their lovely look and color Orchids are the perfect choice of many people worldwide whether it is a special occasion or a party due to its variety of colors and sizes
  • Expert Advice on How to Care For Orchids  By : Rejoice Matthews
    Proper caring is an important factor as far as the growing orchids are concerned Certain people gain mental satisfaction by giving a lot of attention to their growing orchids
  • Brassia Orchid Care  By : Ellen Reader
    Proper Brassia orchid care consists of providing temperature, humidity, light, water, and nutrients that are at least similar to their natural environment If you can optimize these aspects you can grow spectacular Brassia orchids
  • Watering Orchids For Beginners  By : Jan Gilbert
    Watering your orchid is not difficult, but it is not like watering any other house plant Here are general principles for orchid watering
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid Information  By : Ellen Reader
    The Phalaenopsis orchid also known as phal orchid or moth orchid is one of the most commonly grown indoor orchids sold and is the most commonly found orchid type found in garden centers and nurseries

    Their popularity is due to their ability to thrive in average home temperatures and conditions
  • Growing Phalaenopsis - The Easiest Orchid  By : Jan Gilbert
    Also known as phal, moth, and ice orchids, Phalaenopsis are the most popular orchids for many reasons They are relatively inexpensive
  • Understanding the Secrets of the Dendrobium Orchid  By : Nick Holland
    Everybody loves orchids With over 22,000 varieties there's something for everyone
  • Orchid Lights  By : Allen Stoner
    When it comes to growing Orchids, the amount of light available in your location is a crucial factor If you have a small place or do not have a southern exposure and wish to grow one of the light loving varieties in your home
  • Orchid Types  By : Allen Stoner
    There is such an abundance of Orchid types that to list them all in a single piece is not possible

    At the outset the best thing to do is to divide Orchids into two initial family groups
  • Repotting Orchids  By : Jan Gilbert
    Why Repot: Don't repot unless you have to There are two reasons to repot your orchid: poor drainage and overgrowth
  • How to Water Different Orchid Types  By : Ellen Reader
    Orchids come from all over the world and from very different environments There consumption of water not only differs from one orchid to another but also from one season to another
  • Orchid Oddities  By : Jan Gilbert
    From oldest to smallest to rarest, the orchid provides fascinating reading Did you know that the smallest orchid was just discovered less than a year ago
  • How to Choose the Right Orchid For You  By : Ellen Reader
    Before buying a new orchid you need to determine the growing conditions you have to offer Temperature, light, and humidity are very important to orchids
  • The "Ice Cube Method" of Watering Orchids  By : Jan Gilbert
    This is a fascinating new development in the orchid world � watering orchids with ice cubes There is much discussion about the topic on all the orchid forums
  • Orchid Types For Beginners  By : Jan Gilbert
    To date, we've identified over 30,000 orchid species, and created over 100,000 hybrids Despite these numbers, and the fact that there are more types of orchids than any other flower except the daisy, orchids can be generally divided into two groups: terrestrials and epiphytes
  • Beautiful Orchids Grown in Hawaii  By : Rene Thompson
    Hawaii is famous for it beautiful and exotic flowers, most of all orchids Orchids are used for dressing up a drink, decorating a tropical-themed room, or even making a lei
  • Creating a Unique Orchid - Hybrids Are the Rage  By : David P Lee
    Those who have grown orchids know it can become habit forming Many growers spend countless hours researching the pronunciation of Latin names
  • Caring For Orchids  By : Jan Hartman
    Orchids are beautiful, exotic plants that are temperamental, but can be successfully grown indoors as a decorative houseplant Orchids are not that complicated and if you understand caring for orchids and their needs you can grow these exotic and beautiful plants

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