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  • Drought Tolerant Plants - Save Money This Summer With These Facts and Suggestions  By : Sean Harbison
    Gardening is always fun and exciting for many people across the country It seems as though each plant is more lovely and appealing than the nest, and who doesn't want to learn tips that can help them when they are preparing to create a wonderful garden and update their yard's visual appearance
  • The Cattail  By : Tammy Sons
    The Cattail

    The cattail, properly known as typha latifolia, is a genus of about eleven plants The cattail is one of the most common and most important foods that grow in the wild available
  • We Are Climbing Jacobs Ladder in Our Online Nursery  By : Tammy Sons
    The name Jacob�s Ladder came from the Greek word � polemos which means war The Jacob�s Ladder is a gorgeous plant that thrives in part shady area, if you give it too much sun then it looks yellow and dingy losing its flare and appeal
  • Native Plants For Your Home Garden  By : Tammy Sons
    Sometimes you may look at your home garden and then feel like you need to change the appearance and get something that is more natural looking, and that being inclined to mean wild as well It might be because you saw some as you drove by and the thought of having some natural bloomers in your backyard crossed your mind
  • The Definition of a Wholesale Nursery  By : Tammy Sons
    A wholesale nursery is where plants are grown and sold for transplanting, for budding, grafting or layering, stocks or for restoration, wetland mitigation or conservation, environmental landscaping or for the beautiful gardens found at innumerable homes, businesses, parks and a myriad of other landscapes
  • Wholesale Wetland Plants  By : Tammy Sons
    We all think that plants cannot grow well in acidic soil, but there are plants that grow perfectly in wet and salty soil These plants are called the wetland plants
  • Bulrushes - Not to Be Confused With Cattails  By : Tammy Sons
    Whenever you hear the word bulrush, do you think of cattails Oddly enough, most people do
  • Curly Milkweed - Ascelpias Amplexicaulis  By : Tammy Sons
    Ascelpias Amplexicaulis is a member of the milkweed family It is also a member of the Asclepiadaceae family belonging to the wildflower population that is common in the United States
  • Arundinaria Giantea Cane  By : Tammy Sons
    Arundinaria Giantea Cane is also called cane or switchcane It is a giant cane the is known for providing summer grazing for cattle, hogs, sheep, and horses in the northern ranges and the winter grazing along the gulf coast in the states
  • Coreopsis Lanceolata  By : Tammy Sons
    The Coreopsis lanceolata is a native wildflower the state of Florida has adapted to represent their state as their flower It is an evergreen in the family of coreopsis species commonly found in Florida
  • Blue Violet  By : Tammy Sons
    The Blue Violet, also called the Common Blue Violet, is a herbaceous perennial plant without a stem It originated from eastern North America
  • Landscping With Native Grasses & Woody Plants  By :
    Creating an easy care environment resplendent in colour, yet low in maintenance and hardy, is easy to do using woody plants and native grasses While no garden is completely without some level of maintenance the light gardener will find that just a little raking and weeding will go a long way in maintaining a native woody garden
  • Landscaping With Native Wildflowers  By :
    Native wildflowers purchased from a reputable nursery are perfect for homeowners or business owners who wish to provide a gorgeous array of low maintenance and eco-friendly plants Nothing can beat plants which are native to certain areas of the country, as they are easy keepers, used to the rainfall and climate changes, and being wildflowers, are very hardy and often disease resistant
  • Shoreline Restoration Plants  By :
    TN Nursery caries a variety of aquatic or shoreline restoration plants Shoreline restoration plants at the water�s edge provide beauty and color to the shoreline environment
  • Native Trees & Shrubs...  By :
    There are many native trees and shrubs to the state of Tennessee One of the native trees and shrubs is the Silky Dogwood
  • California Native Plant Gardens & The Drought  By :
    If you live in the Southwest, you just might be considering redoing your landscaping at your home With the shortage of water and the possibility that some communities might actually limit the amount of water a household can use each month, it begins to make sense to replace your very thirsty lawn and to change your landscaping to drought tolerant plants
  • Ten Shade Perennials for the Mid South  By :
    Do you have shade and think you can't grow a thing there Think again
  • How to Grow Tobacco  By :
    In times like these, even the most hardened urban dwellers take another look at the pleasures and profits of gardening

    After all, with supermarket prices going up, farmers going under, and the economy going tipsy, it's tempting to seed that sideyard, rent a plot from the city, or even "claim" a bit of underused urban ground where no one will notice a tomato plant or two

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