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  • How to Install New Garden Edgings  By : John Schofield
    Installing a new edging instantly tidies up the periphery of a border and makes you feel good about your garden Some edging designs have a rigid, formal appearance, while others are more relaxed and informal
  • Build Flagstone Steps To Improve The Look And Accessibility Of Your Garden  By : Jeff Galbraith
    If you have a bank or small hillside in you garden that you would like to make a little easier to negotiate, flagstone steps may be the solution that you are looking for Flagstone steps can easily be cut into an existing bank, and will quickly blend in with your landscape
  • How to Put Landscaping Rocks Around Your House  By : John Carlstrom
    Rocks and boulders add character to your landscape and bring accent to your design They can also place layers or levels for your landscape to make an elevated area
  • Planning Your Landscape  By :
    Given the importance of landscaping to the beauty and value of the home, it�s a pity that most homeowners have no clue about how to design an attractive and functional landscape More often than not, the paltry shrubs, narrow driveway and front walk remain the same as it was when the builder installed it
  • Grading and Construction: Steps  By :
    Grading includes anything from raking the surface to make it even for a lawn or leveling up a slight slope to make a terrace to the larger operations where a bulldozer carves the earth and moves tons of soil The home owner may be concerned with one or more aspects of a grading problem
  • Ultimate Landscape Concepts: Top Ten Decorative Aggregate Rock  By :
    Decorative aggregate rock is one of the best materials for landscaping, and creative natural design With all the exciting blends and colors available, it is easy to make yards and gardens come alive with color, texture, and to make the scenery you love to look at a reality, no matter where you live
  • Retaining Walls  By :
    Representing both form and function, a retaining wall in your landscape garden design solves problems, adds interest and creates space A retaining wall addresses drainage issues and, with some of today�s attractive products, can serve in that function while still looking quite beautiful
  • Landscape Achitecture  By :
    Landscape architecture speaks for itself You can see it in professionally-designed residential properties, public parks and playgrounds, parkways and golf courses
  • How To Build A Hypertufa Trough - A Step By Step Guide  By :
    In this article I will explain in a step by step process how you can build a beautiful and practical hypertufa trough for your garden or patio Hypertufa troughs are very plant friendly containers to use
  • Instructions And Guidelines Essential For Using Landscaping Gravel  By :
    If you are looking for landscaping gravel, as with anything else there are going to be those companies which stand out from among the rest, and it is these companies that you are going to want to give your business to When it comes to landscaping gravel, there are a few companies in particular which are worthwhile to take note of
  • How To Clear Blocked Drains - Part 4  By :
    Clearing Gullies
    Gullies, particularly the old open sort are very common sources of blockages If the blockage is in the trap, you can usually clear it from the gully itself
  • How To Clear Blocked Drains - Part 1  By :
    Before you attempt to unblock main drains, make absolutely certain what system you have and get to know how it works

    Two pipe systems are still very common on house built before the second world war
  • Roadside Tree Boxes � A Garden Waiting To Happen  By :
    For those who live on typical city streets in an American suburb, there is one strip of land by your property you probably look at a lot, but never do anything with, that little chunk of land between the sidewalk and the street They all look similar, they are either a little chunk of grass, or possibly a dirt and grass island, with trees as decorations
  • Home Remodeling Ideas With Gardens In Mind  By :
    When people start planning to build a house, they would normally not even think about the outside of it until it is almost completed People can cut the cost of remodeling their home if they did not mind plants inside the home

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