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  • Benefits of Feng Shui Within Your Garden and Home  By : Ross Lamond.
    Feng Shui has been used by many people in order to invite good energy inside their home The use of Feng Shui inside your garden can bring luck, success, peace of mind, good health, money, good relationship any many more
  • The Art of Connectiveness - Feng Shui in the Garden  By : Ross Lamond.
    I was having a game of golf at Nambucca Heads on the New South Wales Mid North Coast of Australia, and my playing partner asked me what was I doing next in life I had just returned from overseas and I think the locals get a fair bit of chat material from my movements and things I get up to
  • Tips For Applying Feng Shui in the Garden  By : Ross Lamond.
    Feng Shui comes from the Chinese culture When you talk about Feng Shui in the Garden, you need to keep in mind three important things and these are pond, pool, and fountain
  • Feng Shui Garden Design Part 2  By : Ross Lamond
    Progress, and the new decking and veranda to Number 3 is in place and providing the location to ensconce myself upon a chair to imagine the beneficial Chi I hope to create I'm sitting on the chair because this is the place I want as the core of Chi, a place where the energy of my surroundings come to me and harmonise me
  • Feng Shui Garden Design Part 3  By : Ross Lamond
    Time waits for no one as the saying goes and progress, I'm not too sure It requires commitment and effort, but Number 3 is changing and becoming closer to have a go at some gardening
  • Feng Shui Garden Design Part 4  By : Ross Lamond
    Transformations, transformations and a need to work, but Number 3 Lorikeet Lane is getting there and the garden is taking shape

    It definitely is a garden on the curve and I've deliberately set it out to ensure not one straight line of vision or image is projected
  • Feng Shui Garden Design Part 1  By : Ross Lamond
    Wow What a mess
  • Rhythm and Flow - Harmonious Chi Garden  By : Ross Lamond
    If we are lucky enough to observe nature, we slowly become attuned to its rhythm and flow and its gentle transition from one state to another

    Suggesting by living in harmony with our surroundings we accept nature's will to maintain rhythm and flow within a climate of change
  • Yin and Yang Transition in Kyoto Temple Gardens - Japanese Gardens  By : Ross Lamond
    No doubt travel broadens the mind Visiting temple gardens in Kyoto in March 2008 was initially confusing because I couldn't work out if the site was Yin or Yang
  • Small Area Viewing Gardens - Japanese Gardens  By : Ross Lamond
    A pleasant Sunday was spent wandering the streets and lanes of Gion in Kyoto, Japan and viewing temples such as Kiyomizu Temple and the quaint Entouin Temple and of course viewing gardens seen along the way The Japanese and their families enjoying and I think they love Sunday, the Temples, lunch and the street life
  • The Japanese Garden - Feng Shui Gardening  By : Ross Lamond
    In March 2008, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks or so visiting the ''Gardens of Kyoto'' It was a tremendous experience, visiting the city, and being in company with its residents, my visiting of buildings, hotels, cafes and restaurants
  • A Feng Shui Garden Evaluation Technique  By : Ross Lamond
    A few years ago I mentioned to a Feng Shui practitioner, I saw Chi energies as a game between the goodies and the baddies He quietly reminded me that wasn't the case and suggested instead we look at the association between beneficial and detrimental Chi energies
  • Autumn and Spring - Feng Shui in the Garden  By : Ross Lamond
    Yin handing over to Yang - Spring

    Yang handing over to Yin - Autumn

    During these periods a time arises when they are both in harmony with each other Neither Yin or Yang and that reflected in the ambiance of sunlight, shadow, movement in the season, wind flow and temperature variation
  • Three Stages in Life - Feng Shui Gardening  By : Ross Lamond
    Three stages in life, what an absurdity, how can life be split into stages Life is life and a transition from birth to death, but this journey could be broken down to view life from another prospective
  • Great Ideas For Setting Up Your Garden Using Feng Shui  By : Ross Lamond
    For most lovers of nature, gardening can be a very relaxing and fulfilling past time Having a beautiful garden in your home, especially if you live in the busy city can offer you an amazing sense of serenity and welcome
  • The Physical and the Mind - Feng Shui in the Garden  By : Ross Lamond
    ''You know, there are two ways of looking at gardening '', I said to some hapless person '' Definitely many more, but these two will do for now''
  • Feng Shui Garden Tips and Tricks  By : James Brickman
    In this article, we will list a number of feng shui garden tips that can help you turn your garden into a powerful generator of positive Chi energy

    We hope that you find our advice useful; however, the most important tip is to listen to your intuition
  • Zen Garden Design  By :
    Zen gardens are very unique landscaping designs that are also known as �Japanese Rock Gardens�
  • Wonderful Japanese Garden Ideas  By :
    Gardening is a great activity and it's a real pleasure to enjoy the end product It is nice to see your garden grow over the years and to see the result of all your creativity and hard work
  • Japanese Garden Design  By :
    A Japanese Garden is full of mystery, nature and serenity Just as landscape gardens of the West followed historic points of reference such as Classical Garden Design, Traditional Garden Design, English Garden Design on up threw Modern Garden Design, the Japanese garden tradition has a history that followed the trends and lifestyles of their location and times
  • Different Styles of Japanese Gardens  By :
    Japanese style gardens are very popular due to the beauty and serenity they offer The concept of these gardens is to provide a place where one can be relaxed and calm

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