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  • Keeping The Deer Away From Your Garden  By : Jason Creation
    Although it might be the quickest choice to just spray a deer repellent on your plants and shrubs then walk away and forget about it for a while, this is not the only choice obviously It's one of the quickest and in many cases the most effective
  • Preventing Deer From Eating Your Tomato Plants  By :
    Not only do you wait for that great harvest of tomatoes but you may have deer waiting to share your harvest with you When this is the case you will want to prevent these deer from eating not only your tomato plants but anything that is in your garden
  • Deer Resistant Products We Have Tried That Work  By :
    Are you frustrated with deer defoliating your prized plants overnight Are you ready to learn about some products that others have used that really do work
  • How to Keep Critters Out of the Garden  By :
    This is a timeless struggle between the Gardener and Nature's creatures. Rabbits, Deer, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Gophers, Moles, Voles and Ground Hogs are probably our biggest challenge in the vegetable and flower garden world
  • Ask for professional help when removing bats from your home!  By : Ingrid Sure
    Did you know that eating up to 600 mosquitoes each in an hour, bats are the best insect control there is? There is little in nature more invigorating than watching bats flutter about at dusk, occasionally �dive-bombing� the insects that annoy us so much. Even so, very few of us are willing to let bats make their homes in our homes, apartments, or other buildings.
  • Pheromone traps should not be a threat to wildlife  By : Julie Brandreth
    The major cause of maggot damage to apples and pears is the caterpillar of the Codling Moth. This Agralan trap provides a warning as to if and when control measures are needed. The newly designed trap makes it 'bird friendly'
  • Raccoon Control  By : Evelyn
    Find helpful information on the indentification and feeding tendencies of raccoons. When raccoon populations become an issue in your home or business, find a professional to help with their safe removal.

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