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  • Grace Your Garden with Rue  By : The Growers Exchange
    Though Rues rich history is merely a memory to many these days, this hardy perennial herb still has a lot to offer. Rue has lost its popularity as a modern medicinal herb because of its bitter taste. Rue's most present-day use is in the kitchen as a culinary herb, and it is the staple of many cultural foods throughout the Mediterranean, Greece, Italy and Ethiopia. Although we think of Rue as an outdated, herb, there are lots of reasons to still grow this herb in your garden.
  • 3 Tips For A Successful Container Herb Garden  By :
    If you are like me, I absolutely love the smell of fresh herbs However, buying fresh herbs at the grocery store would often make my wallet cry, so I would pass them up
  • Container Herb Gardens - A Great Way To Grow Herbs  By :
    Herb gardens are so useful, versatile and easy to grow that they make an excellent addition to any home Unfortunately not everyone has access to a spacious garden to grow their herbs in
  • Lavender: Add A Relaxing Element To Your Herb Garden.  By :
    There are various types of lavender however the three main types of lavender that are most popular are the English, French and Italian varieties There are many varieties of lavender that have been hybridized which makes them quite easy to grow hardy
  • Growing Your Own Herbs  By : Roberto Bell
    It might require a little bit of work at first to set it up for optimal drainage, and pick what herbs you want to grow. But after the initial hassle, it's just a matter of harvesting and drying all your favorite herbs.
  • Indoor Herb Gardens - Attractive And Delicious!  By :
    Do you enjoy cooking or gardening If so, an indoor herb garden may be a perfect choice for you
  • What Is A Herb Garden?  By :
    The cultivation of herb gardens has been around for centuries and people continue to practise this activity until this day A herb garden has a specific purpose � to grow herbal plants that can be then used for cooking or medicinal purposes
  • Everyone Needs A Spaghetti Garden  By : James Ellison
    A spaghetti garden is one of the most popular kitchen gardens. Anyone that has a sunny patch of ground or a window-box can grow these herbs of parsley, garlic, basil, bay laurel and oregano. A small garden space can easily yield all the herbs that you�ll need for delicious Italian meals. They are even easy to grow in a sunny window for your year-round use.
  • Lemon Balm- Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage  By : Peter Thomas
    This article provides description about lemon balm, its uses and benefits, some of its main interactions and side effects. This article also deals with the preparations, dosage, clinical trials and phamocology for lemon balm.

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