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  • Popular Greenhouse Gardening Tips  By : Whitey Segura
    In many ways, greenhouse gardening is similar to traditional agriculture The climate, soil and other environmental factors must be taken into account when deciding on the what, when, where and how of choosing, sowing and harvesting the plants
  • Different Types of Greenhouse Structures  By : Whitey Segura
    Whether you are planning to build a greenhouse or having someone come in and build it for you, there are a few different types of structures you should be aware of before you begin

    The type of structure you choose is obviously a personal choice, as is the size of the greenhouse
  • How to Build a Homemade Greenhouse Kit  By : Whitey Segura
    Are you thinking about having a greenhouse and want to build it yourself Many people are getting into greenhouse gardening these days
  • Buy Green House � The Basics  By : goshoP
    Read more about the basic information about greenhouses.
  • How to Build a Greenhouse With Plans: Some Tips Before You Start This Project  By : Nancy G Orazco
    If you like gardening, then learning how to build your own greenhouse is going to offer you plenty of contentment You might be wanting to construct a greenhouse to protect your plants from the frost, otherwise you might perhaps basically want to get an early gain for the planting period
  • Essential Greenhouse Supplies and Equipment  By :
    For proper functioning and maintenance of greenhouses, certain essential greenhouse supplies and equipment are required

    The first important supply is the covering or glazing material of the greenhouse since it identifies the effectiveness and success of the greenhouse in terms of plant growing and maintenance
  • Which Greenhouse Building Do You Need For Your Greenhouse Project  By :
    In the past it was assumed that all greenhouses were massive glass and metal structures that required a great deal of space, and care to keep them in good working order Today's selection of available greenhouses is much more expansive, however, with options available for a variety of different levels of expertise and amounts of available space
  • Prevent Wind Damage To Your Greenhouse  By :
    ALL greenhouses are particularly vulnerable to wind damage, and even more so when new

    Of course, some models are stronger in the wind, but they are ALL vulnerable to wind damage - EVEN THE VERY STRONGEST MODELS AVAILABLE IN BRITAIN
  • Make Growing Plants Easier This Year - Get A Greenhouse  By :
    If you spend any amount of time in the garden you'll know how difficult it can be to get seedlings started in the early spring months, one late frost can wipe out a huge amount of work This is why you may need a greenhouse to make your life easier
  • How To Grow Amazingly Healthy Plants In Your Greenhouse For Profit Or Pleasure  By :
    Here are some tips to help you grow amazingly healthy plants in your greenhouse for profit or pleasure:


    If you use cloth, it can be placed outside as well as inside for cooling and shading In fact any type of shading used outside, but with an air space between the shading and the glass, will help you operate your greenhouse more economically
  • How To Judge The Correct Amount Of Heat And Light Your Greenhouse Plants Need  By :
    Whether you extend your growing space by lighting with incandescent or fluorescents, there are a few points to remember

  • The Right Soil And Potting Techniques For A Bumper Greenhouse Harvest  By :
    You will receive a bigger harvest from your greenhouse crops if you plant them in the right soil mixture, in the proper kind of pot or other container, and shift or transplant them at timely intervals.
  • Why Cold Frames And Hot Beds Are A Useful Addition To Your Greenhouse  By :
    Cold Frames:

    A cold frame is an outdoor growing "area" built without a bottom but with a solid-sided frame of wood, cement or brick, and a removable hinged top, glazed with glass, Fiberglas, or plastic Cold frames are invaluable
  • Some Great Advantages Of Plastic Greenhouses  By :
    Plastic Greenhouses

    In my greenhouse, ventilation is obtained through doors and louvers in each end Other greenhouses are ventilated by doors and side drop vents
  • Some Great Additions To Improve Your Greenhouse  By :
    Here are some things you will need to add to your greenhouse over the months:

    Benches and Shelves

    Unless you have planned this greenhouse for a long time and have a supply of good soil ready, the soil required for your first year's planting may have to be included in your budget More than just plain garden soil is needed for potting most greenhouse-grown plants
  • How Much Will It Cost You To Build A Greenhouse?  By :
    Glass, Fiberglas, or plastic such as polyethylene, are materials used for greenhouse light; 20- to 30-inch panes are preferable One of the most popular prefabs comes with 24- by 30-inch lights
  • Tips For Building A Great Greenhouse  By :
    Here are some tips to help you build a great greenhouse:

    To build a workable greenhouse, you will need a construction plan Then you can consider ways and means
  • Tips For Building And Running A Greenhouse To Be Proud Of  By :
    Building your greenhouse can be a family project, or you can get professional help to erect all or part of it
  • Tips For Lighting And Watering Your Greenhouse  By :
    Lighting and watering your greenhouse are two of the most important factors in running it

    You will need a good soil for planting seeds

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