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  • Geraniums: Bring Old Faithful Into Your Garden  By :
    If you have a home garden, chances are you have considered, are considering or will be considering using Geraniums to bring a little extra life to your dirt These plants have been called �one of the most reliable plants� for your garden, whether that garden is at home, in a small greenhouse or in a small plant box at your place of work
  • The Geranium  By :
    Under this title, we propose to treat of the plants usually known, in common parlance, as Geraniums, including both those horticulturally and botanically known as such, and Pelargoniums. Between these there are many minute and fanciful distinctions, which are only interesting to botanists, and need not concern the amateur. The true geraniums are herbaceous. For window gardening, their treatment must be the same.
  • More on Geraniums  By :
    All being ready, put the drainage in a suitable sized pot Place first a suitable crock, or a large oyster shell over the hole; then lay a few large crocks upon that, and smaller upon those, so that the drainage may occupy about three fourths of an inch.

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