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  • Pineapple Growing on Lanai  By : Rene Thompson
    Hawaii and pineapple simply seem to go together If you've ever sipped a pina colada or eaten a bite of sweet and sour shrimp, then you understand the tangy allure of this tropical fruit
  • A Brief History of Gardening  By : Ryan Dowmann
    Gardening fundamentally splits into two halves; gardening for food (or farming) and gardening for aesthetic pleasure It�s the history of the pleasurable side of gardening that we�re looking into in today�s article
  • Celebratory Flowers Used Around the World  By : Adriana Noton
    For centuries, flowers have been used to celebrate and convey sentiment for such occasions and events as religious, romantic, spiritual, seasonal, and personal events such as anniversaries, weddings, and other important days Flowers signify various meanings such as love, friendship, sympathy, honor, and more
  • Health, Olive Oil and The Olive Tree  By : James Murray
    To uncover or find medicinal and therapeutic secrets, researchers and scientists are always looking to plants for a solution.
  • Influence of the New Moon  By :
    Sir Isaac Newton's theory of gravity speaks that every particle attracts every other particle with a force that depends on their masses and the distance between them. The moon constantly attracts the earth behaves like a loose garment that can be pulled out from the body to fall back again. It implies that every day, when the moon is directly overhead, the water of the earth flows out towards the moon, and causes high tide. Hence, during the full moon, the attraction is greater than the normal. Dr. Lyall Watson writes in Supernature (London, 1973, p. 49) that, "Every drop of water in the ocean responds to this force, and every living marinal animal and plant is made aware of the rhythm. The lives of those that inhabit the margins of the seas depend entirely on this awareness."
  • How Gardening Actually Evolved  By :
    In the modern times throughout the world, gardening is a pleasant hobby, a favorite way to express a skill and a form of art itself The benefits that individuals and communities gain from gardening have been widely known and advocated

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