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  • One Last Mow...Finally  By :
    So more often than not I find myself feeling like the Steve Martin character for My Blue Heaven Not in the sense that I'm hiding from anyone and under government protection but that I'm use to a faster more abrupt world than the one I now occupy
  • Being Green, Gardening and Why I Blame my Kid  By :
    So often you hear "It is all my parents fault" occasionally I even hear m mother taking the blame for my occasionally caustic personality thought I'm fairly certain I've never blamed her for my questionable vocabulary and sharp tongue Not that she is shy by any means just a little more diplomatic.
  • A Gardener's Tale  By :
    So often in life we start down a path and do things with out really understanding why After all I've always like flowers; as a young man they were a frequent gift to my girlfriends of the era and most often to the woman who would become my wife

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