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  • Hay-Scented Fern - The Smell of Hay Without the Hay Fever  By : Tammy Sons
    If you have ever crushed the fronds of this plant, you will smell the fragrance of freshly mowed hay that emits from them Just the aroma can make one think upon country living, haystacks and hay rides, but it is this very fragrance that gives this fern its name
  • Cinnamon Fern - A Shady Deal  By : Tammy Sons
    Ferns grab the attention of the beholder of their beauty, no matter what landscape they grace, and the Cinnamon Fern [Osmunda cinnamomea] is no exception This fern is a native to shady areas such as bogs, woodlands, streams, swamps and marshes in the United States, from Texas to Florida, as well as in eastern Canada
  • Ferns  By : Tammy Sons
    Ferns are a primordial plant predating the dinosaurs over 360 million years ago They were living on the earth 200 million years before the first flowering plants evolved
  • Growing Ferns  By :
    Ferns are best grown in a chiefly organic potting setting similar to the soil in the biological environment High-quality growth can be attained with most types of ferns with a blend of 75 percent peat moss and 25 percent sand as long as water drainage is swift

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