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  • Making a Statement Using Non-Traditional Fencing Materials  By : Piper Smith
    Exterior home design and landscaping can be about far more that just maintaining the status quo Design trends come and go, and while there are certain traditions that seem to persevere through the decades (think white picket fences), you should never be afraid to take a chance and flex your creative muscles when it comes to making upgrades to your home and yard
  • Cedar Fencing - Why Its Used So Much In Home Improvement  By : Patrick Boswell
    Wooden fencing has several clear advantages over other types of fencing material - it is versatile, relatively inexpensive and can be either painted or left in an unfinished state Not surprisingly, wood has become one of the most popular fencing materials around today and there are several different types of wood that you can choose from, although cedar, known for its aroma, appearance and strength, is one of the most popular woods for fencing and other uses
  • Decorative Garden Fence Materials  By : Alex Middlebury
    A decorative garden fence is more than just a boundary, it can provide protection for your precious plants and ornaments from various invaders They can also be used to obscure undesirable features such as utility meters, HVAC equipment, or provide necessary privacy
  • Replacing A Broken Fence Post.  By : Kane Ashley
    We've all seen it before, whether or not it is the neighbours fence or your own. High winds, rain, soggy ground, rotting wood, all of these conditions will cause a fence to fall down. So how is it possible to replace it properly.
  • Privacy around the garden with a proper fence  By : Games Bond
    Lack of privacy especially around the garden at times can be frustrating. This at time spoils some plans that one may have, especially when one has very nosey neighbors. To avoid such scenario, consider enhancing your privacy. There are many ways of enhancing the garden privacy.
  • Garden Fencing For Security Purposes  By :
    Appearance is only one of many aspects of garden fencing; sometimes a pretty looking fence is not enough and you need garden fencing for security reasons, you need something that will prevent unwanted guests from stepping onto your property Two forms of garden fencing that are sure to do the job are the wrought iron fence and the wooden privacy fence
  • Garden Fencing Solutions For Growing Vegetables  By :
    Things were going great in the early stages I had just recently started growing vegetables in my back yard and things were moving along very well
  • Garden Fencing - How to Buy The Best Fence For Your Garden  By : George Kerr
    What type of fence you choose for your garden depends greatly on how you plan to use it. Fences have a number of uses - they don't just have to be decorative.
  • Deter Intruders With A Natural Or Man-Made Fence  By : Roberto Bell
    Even a simple fence can be a great deterrent to potential intruders. These structures make it difficult for burglars to enter your property, and even harder for them to haul your belongings away.

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