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  • Evergreen Plants  By : John Hoffman
    For your Trivial Pursuits an evergreen plant has its leaves through all seasons The opposite is a deciduous plant that loses all of its foliage during winter or dry season
  • Evergreen Trees-Landscaping Trees With Many Purposes  By : Tammy Sons
    In the world of plants, an evergreen tree is one which has leaves all year round This is different from deciduous plants which completely lose their leaves during autumn and winter
  • Leyland Cypress Trees- A Super Fast Growing Evergreen  By : Tammy Sons
    do you have noisy neighbors and would love to have a plant that helps block out the noise Fences don�t work and hedges can get big and bulky so what other choices are there
  • Virginia Pine�The Windscreen Pine  By : Tammy Sons
    Virginia Pine Pinus Virginiana B&B � The Windscreen PineHaving its scientific name as pinus viuginiana, Virginia Pine is one of the common pine shrubs that grow in the drier sites This is a monoecious evergreen tree, growing to a height of about 50 to 70 feet
  • Buying White Pines Trees For a Border Evergreen From Your Local Plant Nursery  By : Tammy Sons
    White Pine Pinus Strobus - Immense Harmony

    White Pine and Pinus Strobus are synonyms This tree is also known as Northern white pine or soft pine
  • The White Pine Pinus Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    The white pine pinus tree is considered to be a large evergreen tree often times also referred to as a shade tree because of its dominating height At the trees mature level it stands about 80 inches tall and can reach 40 inches wide
  • The Southern Yellow Pine Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    Belonging to the Pinaceae family, the Southern Yellow Pine is a pine tree that is native to the south-eastern United States It is found alongside the coastal plains from east Texas to south Virginia, and also extends into central and northern Florida
  • The Loblolly Pine Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    Also called the Pinus taeda or North Carolina Pine, the Loblolly Pine is one of the many pines that originated from the American South, and is particularly abundant in eastern North Carolina There are huge expanses of these trees in the state, whereas in most other forests they fade into the background in the presence of other species of trees
  • The Virginia Pine Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    Virginia Pine is a member of the Pine family Pinaceae and is known scientifically as Pinus virginiana It was once thought of as a forest weed but it has now become quite commercially important
  • Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    The ornamental Korean Black Pine Pinus Tree is very beautiful, and takes a lot of maintenance Many people choose to plant it because of it's bonzi tree appearance, classic stature, and ability to grow in temperate climates
  • American Boxwood  By : Tammy Sons
    The eastern United States is no stranger to the beauty of the American Boxwood The bush has been planted and cultivated into breathtaking lawn scape for about three hundred years now
  • Leyland Cyprus Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    The Leyland Cyprus Leylandii tree resembles a typical Christmas tree and is often used as such Naturally shaped in a triangular pattern, this tree can also be shaped by hand to form a bush-like tree and can be used for privacy or to prevent severe wind
  • American Boxwood Shrubs - An Evergreen Border That's Perfect For Noise Reduction and Privacy  By :
    American Boxwood Shrubs

    Boxwood, or Buxus, is a genus containing about seventy species of plants They can be found in parts of Asia, Africa, South and Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and Madagascar
  • Evergreen Confierious Trees  By :
    Evergreen conifers are plants or trees that produce cones to protect their seed and keep their foliage through winter, hence the name evergreen

    The Thuya Arborviatae Snowtip Cedar is one of the dwarf evergreen conifers, growing to a mature size of only seven feet
  • The Erica and the Heath  By :
    All the plants belonging to this genus are of a low, shrub- by habit, with fine acicular foliage None are natives of America
  • Evergreen Shrubs - How to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Have a Professional Looking Design  By :
    So, you want to add some landscaping to your home, but don't know quite how to go about it I understand. And evergreen shrubs, which provide greenery all year long, are not inexpensive.
  • Crassula Ovata or Jade Plants, Flowering Succulent Shrub Care For Dry Landscapes or Container Garden  By : Laura Zinkan
    Crassula ovata or Jade plants are shrubby succulent plants that make excellent choices for dry gardens and container plants. In late winter, succulent jade plants get 3 inch clusters of light pink to pale salmon flowers with five petals. These perennial plants are drought tolerant and only need water once a month or so.
  • Mangosteen Origins and History  By : Roberto Bell
    The mangosteen fruit originated in the Malay Archipelago and quickly spread through the warm tropical climates of Southeast Asia
  • The Depth Of An Evergreen Tree�s Roots  By :
    The evergreen tree is one of the most popular trees that are used in home landscaping An evergreen tree is a symbol of beauty and simplicity
  • A Basic Review Of Evergreen Tree  By :
    Evergreen trees, a hearty, charismatic tree thrives in specific landscapes, preferring climates that are bound for a long, cold winter season Evergreens prefer the cold and snow

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