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  • The Inspiring Garden at Chateau Villandry in the Magnificent Loire Valley  By : Madame CC
    The Chateau Villandry Gardens are an absolute delight. They are enthusiastically and lovingly tended by the curator of the chateau and great-grandson of Dr Joachim Carvallo who purchased the chateau in 1906, who purchased the chateau in 1906, Henri Carvallo. At that time Villandry when Dr Carvallo purchased the property it was on the point of being demolished. It had been disfigured by additions, fake windows, the walling up of the arches and the moat had been filled in. DrJoachim Carvallo envisaged the harmonious renaissance architecture and the original design. He devoted himself to the restoration of Villandry and its gardens giving up an impressive career in science under the tutelage of a professor who later went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Inspirational Gardens of the Beautiful Loire Valley  By : Madame CC
    The Loire Valley is a wonderful delight for garden enthusiasts. Not only can you admire the spectacular castles and enjoy fine French cuisine and great Loire valley wine, tourists can also marvel at some amazing gardens. The whole valley is now listed b UNESCO as a world heritage site

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