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  • Growing Acer And Achillea Successfully  By : Ian SG Smith
    Acer are hardy deciduous trees, and this family contains many well-known ornamental trees such as the common sycamore and the various maples, including the Japanese kinds with finely divided and brilliantly coloured foliage
  • The Weeping Willow  By : Tammy Sons
    For years, home owners have searched for the right trees to put in their yard The search must end here
  • The Burning Bush Shrub-An Excellent Green in Summer- Vibrant Red in Fall  By : Tammy Sons
    Burning Bush B&B � Not The Biblical One The burning bush is a deciduous shrub also called Euonymus atropurpureus or Wahoo
  • The Beautiful Pink Dogwood Flowering Trees Order Today From a Mail Order Nursery  By : Tammy Sons
    Pink Cherokee Chief Dogwood � Makes a great addition to any yard

    Does your yard lack color Does it lack a feeling of serenity and peace when it comes to your yard design
  • American Tulip Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    Liriodendron tulipifera, is the scientific name given to the American Tulip Tree, also called the Yellow Poplar or Tulip Poplar It is native to Southern Ontario and eastern North America and can be fond in east Illinois, central Florida and Louisiana
  • The Kousa Dogwood Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    The kousa dogwood tree is a small tree in stature that is native to Asia This particular tree comes from a wide species of dogwood trees and bares a lot of the same characteristics as these trees
  • The Cleveland Pear Tree  By : Tammy Sons
    The Cleveland pear tree is quickly becoming popular all over the world The tree is a part of the same family as the Bradford pear tree
  • Canadian Hemlock  By : Tammy Sons
    A good landscaping choice for a difficult yard is the Canadian Hemlock There are several reasons why people like to use the tree in their yards
  • River Birch  By : Tammy Sons
    River Birch is a deciduous tree, which is also known as the Water Birch This is a species of birch that originated from the eastern parts of the United States from west New Hampshire to south Minnesota
  • Green Ash  By : Tammy Sons
    Fraxinus pennsylvanica is commonly known as Green Ash or Red Ash It is a species of Ash tree that is native to central and eastern North America
  • The Black Walnut  By : Tammy Sons
    The Black Walnut, scientifically known as Juglans nigra, is a flowering tree that belongs to the hickory family This species of tree is native to eastern North America
  • The American Sycamore  By : Tammy Sons
    Platanus occidentalis is commonly known as the American sycamore, and is also referred to as the Occidental plane, American plane and Buttonwood This is familiar and very common species that first originated from North America
  • The Rose of Sharon-Shrub or Tree, It Will Be the Queen of Your Garden  By : Tammy Sons
    If you�re looking to give your garden a more tropical feel, or you even just want to add a little splash of color, you can�t go wrong with a Rose of Sharon tree Also referred to as Hibiscus syriacus, this tree has been called a plant, a shrub and a bush in addition to being called a tree
  • Red Sunset Maple � Trees Alive With Fiery Foliage  By :
    Although maples are often thought of as the beauty of the North American woodlands, the vast majority of the fifty or sixty species are natives of Asia, and chiefly the part which lies between the Himalayas and Japan They are now native to North American but the origin lies in Asia
  • Huge Pink Snowballs  By :
    Hydrangeas (paniculata) are a group of deciduous shrubs that are native to Japan, as well as China and Korea originally The Pink Diamond Hydrangea comes from the popular �Pee Gee� hydrangea and is a relatively new development
  • Add a Touch of the States by Planting American Elderberry  By :
    The American Elderberry shrub is famous for their purplish-black berries many people use to make pies, wine, and jams The alternative to the berry-producing shrub is its ability to provide a natural setting for birds and squirrels to live in the comforts of the yard
  • Autumn Olive a Beautiful Species  By :
    Autumn Olive

    Also known as the Umbellate Oleaster, or the Japanese Silverberry, the Autumn Olive is a species belonging to the Elaeangus genus This genus originated in eastern Asia before spreading to the Himalayas and Japan, but is now common in the US as well as Europe
  • Black Oak Tree  By :
    The Black Oak

    The Black Oak is more commonly known as the California Black Oak, and is sometimes referred to as Kellogg Oak This oak belongs to the red oak family and is originally from western North America
  • Black Haw the More Poplar of the Viburnums  By :
    Black Haw

    The Black Haw is often called a shrub but it is actually a small, deciduous tree It can reach heights between five and fifteen feet when mature
  • All About the Bald Cypress Tree  By :
    Bald Cypress

    Bald cypress is a deciduous tree that grows along creeks, rivers, swamps and streams, and basically anywhere with slow moving water It is a long lived tree, with a life span of up to six hundred years
  • Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera)  By :
    These are majestic, rapid growing native shade trees that brighten any landscape with their green/yellow flowers that blush orange on the inside They are somewhat unusual flowers but rather look like a tulip, which is how they got their common name
  • The Most Usefull of the Willows  By :
    The Black Willow is a willow species that originated in North America It is the largest North American willow, and it is usually relatively small compared to other trees
  • A Beautiful Tree,The Sweet Bay Magnolia  By :
    The Sweet Bay Magnolia is sometimes known as the Sweet Bay, Swamp Magnolia or Swamp Bay It was first found in European gardens as far back as 1688
  • American Elm Trees  By :
    American Elm Trees are sometimes referred to as Water Elms or White Elms This species of tree is native to North America, and can be found from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, along with central Texas and Florida
  • Maple Trees  By :
    Trees that are commonly known as Maple trees are actually scientifically given the genus Acer There are one hundred and twenty five different species of this tree, many of which are in Asia, with others in Europe, Africa and North America
  • Best Fast Growing Tree For Fall Color  By :
    Need a fast growing tree with great fall color Planting an Autumn Blaze Maple is your best choice
  • Insects That Are Attracted To Deciduous Trees  By :
    A deciduous tree is beautiful most of the year People fall in love with several types of deciduous trees because of the way that the trees seem to come alive during the months of spring
  • Hydrangea  By :
    There several species of hydrangea, but only about five of them are widely grown in the United States The most popular include the hydrangea vines, the oakleaf, the paniculata, the mophead, and the lacecap
  • Where To Plant Azaleas  By :
    There are some simple "rules of the road" you need to keep in mind when you grow azaleas They will need a specific type of soil prepared for them and it can be difficult to grow these plants if the conditions are not right

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