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  • Vegetable and Herb Container Gardening in 5 Easy Steps  By : Doug Kroeker
    Before you start your vegetable container garden you will need to take a look at the space you have available, and decide on what type of vegetables you want to grow Some vegetables do better in containers than others
  • Big, Beautiful Summer Containers!  By :
    The key to planting beautiful, bountiful planters that will make your neighbors jealous, we have a few basic rules to follow:

    1) The Bigger, the Better Select a large decorative container
  • The Many Forms of Garden Planters  By :
    Garden Planters are a great way to spruce up the backyard, a window sill or even the inside of your home Far less messy and more compact than typical gardens, planters can be moved around and placed in aesthetically pleasing displays
  • Techniques For Painting Garden Planters  By :
    Whether you�ve made your own garden planters, or you just aren�t pleased with the way the ones you bought look, decorating planters is a fun and rewarding experience Turn your backyard into a colorful oasis of plant-life and style with these easy to follow techniques
  • Putting Together Vegetable Garden Planters  By :
    Aside from the beautiful flowers and good-smelling herbs people often associate with garden planters, vegetables also do great in these contained and compact environments Depending on the planter size, most anything can be grown within, especially is care is taken to choose more dwarf or bush varieties, which take up even less space
  • Desert Garden Planters  By :
    If you live in an arid part of the country, you may have encountered problems when trying to start your own garden Putting together some desert garden planters can be a rewarding and fulfilling venture, especially if you�ve struggle in the past to grow anything in the hard, dry earth
  • Starting an Organic Garden in Planter Boxes  By :
    You can start an organic vegetable garden in planter boxes Tired of waiting for the price of commercially produced organic vegetables to drop to more reasonable levels
  • Good Vegetables For Planter Boxes  By :
    Planter boxes give you the benefit of raising organic vegetables right outside your door or window Rising costs of produce have caused some budget-conscious people to reconsider the money they spend on fresh fruits and vegetables
  • How to Grow an Herb Garden in Planter Boxes  By :
    If your apartment leaves little room for growing things, you can use planter boxes to host an herb garden An herb garden also requires a more minimal commitment of your time for maintenance
  • Preparing Planter Boxes  By :
    Planter boxes are a fun and easy way to create a mini mobile garden Whether you�ve opted for flowers, creepers, leafy foliage, or whatever plant of your choosing, know what to do from start to finish
  • What Exactly do You Put in Planter Boxes?  By :
    It�s pretty much impossible to find a person you know who doesn�t like the look of cheery flowers What is much more common are those unfortunate people who don�t have room or access to a garden
  • Problem Solving With Planter Boxes  By :
    You�ve heard them called cute, quaint, and oh so pretty Planter boxes, though, are more than just an aesthetic addition to a home
  • Planter Boxes Are the Urban Gardener�s Best Friend  By :
    You�ve seen them on countless homes but never really gave s second thought to planter boxes As a symbol of Southern charm, these compact containers provide compact gardens to more than just quaint little houses out in the country
  • 3 Secrets to Choosing a Planter Pot  By :
    You may have been impressed with someone's garden or yard because of the type of planter pot or plants that they use It is easy to be impressed with others who know how to create such a beautiful setup however learning how to do it can be rather challenging
  • Patio Container Gardening  By :
    Patio is Spanish word that means back garden or backyard. We often see picture of beautiful patios that are decorated with beautiful plants and flowers to depth and dimension in magazines and on TV
  • How to Ensure Success With Vegetable Container Gardening  By :
    Vegetable container gardening is a fun activity Although it eliminates the thrill of traditional vegetable gardening, growing vegetables in containers make the activity more challenging
  • You Can do Container Vegetable Gardening  By :
    As the proud owner of a tiny vegetable plot one of the easiest ways to increase my plot is to grow vegetables in containers Container vegetable gardening has become very popular to the point the seed companies now have special varieties for growing vegetables in containers
  • No Room For Gardening? Containers Will Work.  By :
    Container gardening is the answer would love to grow some vegetables but I have no room to grow anything�

    By utilizing containers, both large and small, it is possible to grow almost anything that you can grow directly in the ground
  • Container Gardening: Tips For Planning & Potting  By :
    Container gardening solves many problems for the avid & novice gardener It�s the ideal solution to challenges such as limited space and poor soil
  • Garden Planters � The Tips You Need To Know To Grow Vegetables In Them  By :
    If you're itching to get your green thumb on, but want to do more than grow flowers, you should consider your own vegetable and fruit gardens You may be thinking your backyard doesn't have good enough soil to grow great vegetables and fruits
  • Great Plants To Grow In Hanging Baskets  By :
    Here are some plants you can grow in hanging baskets to make a great display:

    Asparagus Fern (Asparagus plumosus)

    These can be grown from seed but the seedlings are the victims of so many insect pests that it is better to purchase small plants in February and grow them on in the warm house for spring and early summer sales
  • How Trees Can Make An Exciting Display In Window Boxes  By :
    Its amazing but a little known fact is that trees grow very well and are easy to maintain in window boxes

    Tender trees are commonly grown in warmer regions, where they remain outdoors all year
  • Ideal Plants To Make An Amazing Display In Window Boxes  By :
    Here are some wonderful plants you can grow in window boxes:


    Canterbury-Bells Choice biennial, with long-lasting bells in purple, lavender, blue, pink, and white
  • The Buzz On Container Home Gardens  By :
    Not all homes are fortunate enough to have lawns and backyards to grow in home gardens This is especially true nowadays when most families live in apartments and condominiums that definitely do not offer space for planting and growing a full garden
  • Planter Boxes � Planting Made Easy  By :
    If planting is your thing, but you have run out of room to do it in your outdoor space, then you�re probably feeling a little disappointed However, there is a really easy to way to satisfy that green thumb of yours, all you have to do is purchase some lovely planter boxes
  • Outdoor Planters � Perfect For Adding More Planting Space  By :
    In the summer time, planting fanatics are in their glory Why
  • Planters � A Perfect Way To Add More Planting Space To Your Backyard  By :
    Feel like planting some more flowers in your backyard, but can�t cause you�ve run out of room Well, you are in luck because there is actually a way that you can add some more planting space to your backyard area
  • Outdoor Planters � A Great Choice For Planting Whatever, And Wherever, You Want  By :
    So, you want to plant in your backyard, but you just don�t have the nice ground space to do it Now, don�t give up just like that because there is a great option that allows you to plant wherever you want
  • Garden Planters � A Fantastic Outdoor Accessory That Lets You Plant Anywhere  By :
    If you love to plant, but have run out of actual backyard space to do it, do not worry because there is a simple solution to your problem That solution is garden planters
  • Planter Boxes � Powerful Tools To Bring Nature A Little Closer  By :
    If you like bringing nature to life in your home environment, you may soon be stocking up on planter boxes

    Many people think of planter boxes as large plastic troughs that are placed on the windows of apartment buildings in the city
  • Planters � They Let You Plant Wherever You Want  By :
    You have gotten the planting bug, but do not feel like going through all the trouble of digging up and preparing a spot in your backyard to do it You do not have the time or the energy, well, there is actually an easy resolution to satisfy that new found green thumb of yours
  • The Humble Window Box  By : Chris Moorhouse
    The window box is a much neglected form of gardening today. It is surprisingly easy and ideal for anybody who does not have a garden to grow their flowers in.

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