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  • A Brief History of Composting  By : Jason Bacot
    Composting has been around since ancient times The Roman naturalist, philosopher, author, and warrior Pliny the elder, who lived from 23-70 CE referred to composting in his writings
  • The Ingredients of Good Compost  By : Jason Bacot
    Compost is a type of organic material that resembles dirt, but which is very rich It's more like organic fertilizer than soil, and when mixed in with soil provides gardens with a great source of nutrients for plants
  • Differences in Fixed and Rotating Compost Bins  By : Jason Bacot
    Rotating compost bins are not required for the making of compost After all, people have been composting by creating very simple compost piles in their backyards for a long time without the benefit of tumbling action
  • Composting in Urban, Suburban, And Rural Households  By : Jason Bacot
    Composting bins are designed to make the job of household composting easier Composting is a terrific way to reduce your household's waste, and it also makes soils more fertile, improves plant health and gardening yields, and even helps wildlife indirectly by keeping soil healthy
  • Composting During the Winter  By : Jason Bacot
    If you use an outdoor compost tumbler, or otherwise do your composting outdoors, then you may wonder if you should bother with composting over the winter The answer is a definitive "Yes
  • What to Do With Compost if You Don't Garden  By : Jason Bacot
    If you're an urban apartment dweller who tends to kill house plants and doesn't participate in a community garden, should you compost Perhaps you should
  • Elements and Micro-Organisms Involved in Composting  By : Jason Bacot
    If you use compost bins or are otherwise interested in composting, you may have wondered exactly what goes on that turns potato peelings and grass clippings into that rich, dark mulch that your garden loves so much Several ingredients are required for the magic that goes on in your average compost tumbler
  • Interesting Home Composting Methods and Uses  By : Jason Bacot
    Though a lot of people get into the simple compost method of putting kitchen scraps and yard clippings into a composter and reap the rewards a few months later to place on their gardens, there are actually many interesting variations on composting Many of them can be done with the kind of compost bins for sale everywhere
  • Composting and Dining Sustainability  By : Jason Bacot
    If you have a college student in the family, you may have heard of the concept of "dining sustainability" This concept has prompted campus dining halls all over the world to increase use of locally grown foods from sustainable organic agriculture practices
  • Urban Composting is More Practical Than You Think  By : Jason Bacot
    Maybe you think that composting isn't practical or useful because you live in an apartment, but think again There are plenty of good reasons to try composting, even if you don't have a yard or garden at all
  • Compost Bins � Hide or See  By : Adrian Hall
    Having a Compost Bin in your garden is a great way to recycle your garden and kitchen waste and save money, so all you need to do is choose what type and size you need and where you place it Do you want to hide or see it
  • Improve Your Garden With Compost  By : Dan Lazaj
    Through out time, composting has always been the preferred way of fertilizing gardens Learning how to compost can be one of the best ways to save money on fertilizer
  • Enrich Your Garden by Making Your Own Compost  By : Dan Lazaj
    Composting can be a great benefit to any garden, as well as the environment, and the great thing about it is how simple it is to make your own for your garden A mix of different types of organic material that is decaying is basically what compost is, such things as grass clipping from your lawn and dry leaves
  • Why Should You Learn How to Compost?  By : Kim Lugciano
    Starting a garden is magnificent By gardening you can give yourself plus your family your own home-grown vegetables that will be fresh from your backyard
  • Make Your Own Home Compost Bin  By : Marcie Snyder
    Many people think that the only way to make compost is to use a commercial bin, but nothing could be further from the truth People in the past have built their own compost bin with much success
  • Why Does Compost Stink?  By : Marcie Snyder
    Many people have somehow acquired the misconception that compost normally stinks, that it must be a smelly affair Nothing can be further from the truth
  • Home Vegetable Gardening: It's All About the Compost  By : Bruce A. Tucker
    The best thing for your soil is compost. It contains all the nutrients your plants will need to grow and thrive. Here is how you can easily create your own and add good quality compost to your soil all year round.
  • Compost Tea: The Natural Elixir of Gardening that Mother Nature has Perfected  By : Bruce A. Tucker
    There is no chemical on the market that is more natural and better for your gardens than that liquid sensation known as compost tea. Here are some benefits of using compost tea and an overview of how it is made.
  • Compost Tumblers � The Most Effective Method of Composting  By :
    There are many different methods of composting, and there are a number of products now available to those who compost The compost bin to buy depends on the needs of the garden or home
  • Compost Bin - That Smell Means It's Working  By :
    Recycling is a noble effort in which everyone should participate Sadly, the inconveniences sometimes faced by potential recyclers are enough to dissuade them from actively taking part in the green movement
  • Composting! An Enviornmental Gold Mine In Your Back Yard  By :
    Composting is not only one of the best things you can do for your garden, it is also one of the best things you can do for our environment Knowing how to create and use compost is in our interest due to the tremendous problem of waste disposal
  • Let It Rot: Five Guidelines For Composting  By :
    Compost is what is left over when organic matter decomposes Organic matter can be things like vegetable scraps, leaves, mown grass and any other garden waste
  • Compost. Part 2. Where Do I Put All This Stuff  By :
    You have a number of choices, here A compost bin, box, tumbler, trench or heap - all will work, its a matter of personal preference
  • Composting Is Key To Successful Gardening  By :
    Compost is a great tool for any gardener It helps your garden hold just the right amount of water, makes it the right texture for optimal plant growth, and provides it with beneficial natural organisms
  • Addicted To Composting  By :
    It was in the fall of 1998 that I took up composting Most Saturday mornings were spent watching gardening shows on HGTV and DYI
  • Going Green - How To Compost  By :
    Have you ever noticed that the standard answer for anyone who wants to start living green is to replace all of your light bulbs

    "Oh, you want to help the environment, you better get all new light bulbs
  • Let's Speed Up That Compost Pile  By : James Ellison
    Compost has so many garden uses that I never get enough of this terrific stuff. I blend compost into every planting hole, whether I'm planting a dogwood tree, petunia beds, tomatoes or anything else.
  • Beginners Guide to Home Composting  By : Roberto Bell
    Composting your kitchen and garden waste is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you dispose of in your rubbish bin.
  • What IS Compost?  By : Jodi Avery
    Compost can be a mystery if you don't understand what it is and what it's for...
    It's more than a pile of leftovers in the backyard behind the tree. It's pure gold to the organic garden. Find out why.
  • Soil Plus Compost Equals Lush Healthy Plants  By : James Ellison
    Learn what to do to improve your plants to be lush and healthy. Learn that by just adding compost to your landscape and gardens your need for additional fertilizer will be minimized. Learn how to have the richest soil in the neighborhood.
  • 7 Factors Needed for a Compost Pile  By : James Ellison
    Learn to correctly make your very own compost pile with materials, microorganisms, how it works, surface area, pile size, moisture, aeration, time and temperature.

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