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  • Bulbs & Tulips  By :
    A bulb is an underground vertical stem that has tailored leaves with thick bases The leaves of bulbs are frequently used as food storage pedicles when the plant is dormant
  • Gardening - Is it a Bulb and What do I do With It?  By :
    Most gardeners know that daffodils, snowdrops, hyacinths and tulips grow from bulbs and that many other flowers grow from rhizomes, tubers or corms but what is the difference and can they all be treated in the same way

    There are many different definitions to be found, but I think these explain the variations in quite simple terms:

    Bulb - a central bud surrounded by a fleshy layer
  • How to Get Started With Flower Bulbs  By :
    Are you interested in learning about how to get started with flower bulbs Here are a few tips that will help to get you started:

    Choose the right bulbs

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