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  • Bee Toxins to Fight Cancer  By : Alan Berk
    The venom in the bee sting contains mellitin, a molecule that kills cells by slicing through the cell walls, destroying the cells. Australian researchers have altered the structure of the mellitin molecule to remove the part that causes the allergic reaction while still maintaining its ability to kill cells.
  • Bee Venom Takes the Sting Out of Depression  By : John Berow
    Deciding to act young is the precursor to feeling energetic, optimistic, passionate and creative. Depression is experienced as the opposite of motivation, drive, accomplishment and life.
  • Bee Venom Therapy  By : Alan Berk
    Apitherapy is a term used to describe the therapeutic use of bee products. It may seem counterintuitive that bee venom could, should or would be used in any healing capacity. However, there is a chemical basis for this traditional form of treatment.
  • Pollination: Invite Bees Into Your Organic Garden  By : Todd Heft
    There are more than 250,000 species of plants that require pollination. Most require bees, birds, butterflies, moths, bats, or some other animal or insect to circulate the pollen.
  • How to Acquire Bees  By :
    If you are set on starting your own beekeeping hobby, business, side business, or study, then you will have thought about the hives you need, and the equipment, so your next step will be in acquiring the bees, which can be confusing, because there is more than one way of getting these
  • Beekeeping For Beginners: Five Secrets Revealed!  By :
    Beekeeping is a great home business and a way to make extra income, which many people overlook There are a five secrets to successful bee keeping that can help you decide on whether this is the right endeavour for you or not
  • Basic Beekeeping Tools � What Do You Really Need?  By :
    When you first start a beekeeping business you may feel overwhelmed with the huge amount of choices you have when it comes to beekeeping equipment There are a lot of beekeeping product suppliers, and unless you are familiar with the basic equipment you will need, you won�t know what basic beekeeping tools you will need, and which you won�t
  • Natural Beekeeping - Is it the Same as Organic Beekeeping?  By :
    Organic beekeeping and natural beekeeping are similar, yet different In this article, I'm going to explain to you the very subtle differences and what makes them different
  • Beekeeping For Beginners  By :
    Contrary to what you might think starting a beekeeping business is not that difficult It doesn�t require a lot of knowledge, special skill or even a large investment
  • Top Bar Hive Beekeeping  By :
    When you start a beekeeping business, one of the most important items you can buy is the hive Most bee keepers in the United States never even consider the Top Bar Hive
  • Beekeeper Supplies � What Do You Really Need?  By :
    When you decide to start a beekeeping business, you will need to find some specific equipment, from specialized suppliers, and these can be found locally or online Now that is not meant to scare you off, because the amount of equipment you need is minimal, and the cost is also very reasonable, especially for a business that is just starting
  • How to Start Beekeeping  By :
    People who look for the perfect home business, often overlook a great option�that of beekeeping Apiculture, as its also known is a great business, because the cost is minimal, there is a need for the product, and it is all natural and environmentally friendly

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