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  • Top Tips for What to Do in Your Garden in September and get Great looking Lawns  By : Garth Edwards
    The top tips for looking after your Lawn and Grass to keep them looking great: Here are the simple steps you should be doing in September to keep your Lawn and Gardens at their best - keeping them moss, weed free and simply stunning all year.
  • Preparing Your Landscape For Fall  By : Pat Munro
    Most avid gardeners and landscapers look forward to the fall and winter seasons as much as they do the vibrancy of spring and summer Fall means preparing for spring and there are a lot of things to do to help minimize the damaging effects of a hard winter
  • October Glory Red Maple � The Glory of Autumn in the Trees  By :
    When it comes to the captivating colors of autumn, the October Glory Red Maple (Acer rubrum) is one of the first trees that stand out with its brilliant contrast against the evergreens and the golden and yellow tones of other beautiful trees Have you ever piled up leaves and jumped in them or sat on a hill overlooking a forest with its spectacular fall colors and appreciated the beauty of nature
  • Legacy Sugar Maple � Beautiful Fall Foliage of Yellows and Reds  By :
    Ahh, the Sugar Maple Even the name sounds enticing
  • Bare Root Burning Bush  By :
    The Burning Bush is a shrub with such a vibrant color in the fall that it was named thusly because it literally looks like a bush on fire In the summer, the leaves are a deep, dark green that turn to a scarlet-orange color in the autumn
  • Woody Perennials For Fabulous Fall Landscaping  By :
    Fall is coming This is the absolute perfect time of year to consider all the wonderful woody perennials and assorted plants native to the midwestern states
  • Fall Vegetable Gardening  By :
    Even experienced gardeners will often ignore the fact that their gardening efforts can extend well into the fall season, while in certain sections of the world; gardening is virtually a year round endeavor Extending the gardening season is becoming more critical to all of us because of the changing dynamics in the world�s food supply
  • Prepping Your Lawns Before The Holidays  By :
    Now that the fall season is upon us and you've done all the damage control you can from summer's unfriendly effects, what can you do for your lawn now that will keep it healthy and beautiful

    Lawn maintenance is key for the month of November, the focus should be on sprucing up your lawn and doing any necessary leaf cleanup from October's leaf shedding
  • Fall Is The Time To Prepare For Winter With Mulching And Pruning  By : James Ellison
    Here it is fall and the garden is ready to snooze. Hold it, there is more work to be completed. Some mulching and some pruning.

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