The Best Flowers For Window Boxes

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Window boxes can add some much needed gardening space to small homes or perk up a window in any size house. They give the apartment dweller with no deck a place to garden and give the illusion of bringing the outdoors inside. Choosing what type of flowers to plant in your window box really depends on where your box is located and the type of blooms that you want. Take a look at where your window box is, or where you would like it to be and note how much sun it gets. This will help you determine which flowers to plant.

Size Matters

When you are plant shopping for your window box, you want to look for any type of plant that does not grow very tall so that you don�t obstruct the view from the window. Decide if you want to place new flowers in the box with each season or have leaves that look good all year round and choose your foliage accordingly. Try and stay away from plants that need a large root base because in a window box, these types can become easily root bound and either take over other plants or die.

Building Depth

When you are planting your box, try and build some depth in it by planting vine type plants such as ivy that spill out of the box and hang down. Behind these types of foliage, plant the lowest type plants and build your way up to the taller plants in the back. This will create a look that is 3 dimensional and give it a more professional feel.

The Best Flower Options

Some of the more popular types of blooms for window boxes include marigolds, petunias, pansies, geraniums and begonias. These are very seasonal however, and need to be replaced in the winter with greenery such as green hydrangea and bittersweet to keep the planters looking fresh and alive. Other popular plants include herbs, basil, chives, mint and thyme are all good ones which can be planted in a kitchen window box for a quick and flavorful addition to any meal.

Essentially, you want seedlings that will stay fairly small, so as not to outgrow the space. It�s also important to look for an abundance of color and long lasting blooms so you will have plenty of bright petals to enjoy throughout the season. Some blossoms come and go so quickly that it�s not even worth having them in your window.

For the lowest maintenance look while still enjoying a beautiful window, mix and match your choices. Pick some plants that have beautiful foliage that stands on its own and add in some long lasting flowers like marigolds or forget-me-nots for a splash of color. This will let you have a pretty planter even when the blooming season is over.

Window boxes offer a simple way to get into gardening no matter where you live and can add a homey touch to an otherwise dull room simply by including some beautiful flowers.

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