The Beautiful Pink Dogwood Flowering Trees Order Today From a Mail Order Nursery

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Pink Cherokee Chief Dogwood � Makes a great addition to any yard

Does your yard lack color? Does it lack a feeling of serenity and peace when it comes to your yard design? Is it bare or too busy? No matter what your reason the Pink Cherokee Dogwood makes a great addition to any landscape.

This kind of pink dogwood tree is the so called �Chief of the dogwood family.� It has a very showy display of blooms in the spring and stunning deep pink foliage in the fall that seems to last forever. It seems as if every day you look at the pink dogwood it gets prettier and prettier the more you look at it. The Cherokee Chief dogwood grows to a height of 20� to 25� and spreads 12�-15�.

The Pink Flowering Dogwood may be used in a variety of landscapes such as yards, driveways and sidewalks. The Pink Cherokee Chief Dogwood is considered to be the best pink flowering dogwood in the family.

The Pink Cherokee Chief Dogwood has blooms that many say represent a butterfly. The begin in the spring and goes all the way into the winter. Dogwoods are versatile trees that can do well in full sun and moist soil or even shady spots that is why many people love the dogwood for their landscape.

The Pink Cherokee Chief Dogwood does well in zones 5-9 so always make sure you check your zone before purchasing. They have a mature form which is rounded slightly irregular and branching is fairly horizontal. Before the Dogwood blooms it will present with green foliage then slowly get little buds or blooms that will then open up.

Have you ever been down a long road and seen all the gorgeous trees that are rounded in shape and have gorgeous white, pink or crimson blooms. In the spring time on into the summer they are so gorgeous that looking at a lot of them all lined up down the road, sidewalk or driveway will take your breath away. Dogwoods give us an ambiance feeling of peace and serenity because the trees seem so uniform and formed.

Don�t let the beautiful flowers fool you because just like any other plants they can suffer from diseases like any other which will then make your tree look yucky and even kill it. Just several problems affect this tree, including spot anthracnose (a leaf disease), dogwood anthracnod (a serious fungal disease), cankers, dogwood borer, and powdery mildew. So always make sure with any kind of tree, plant or shrub you take any precautions that you need to in order to give your plant a healthy life against bugs and diseases.

If you are looking for a Pink Cherokee Chief Dogwood for your yard, driveway or sidewalk a great place to purchase one is at DNT nursery which can be accessed on the web at here you will find the Pink Cherokee Chief Dogwood at great affordable prices so you can purchase a

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Author: Tammy Sons an online nursery and tree farm selling quality flowering trees & shrubberry.At our mail order nursery you can order pink flowering dogwoods direct from the nursery.

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Article Title: The Beautiful Pink Dogwood Flowering Trees Order Today From a Mail Order Nursery

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