The Barest Of Roots

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Consider purchasing bare root trees when you are in the market for any kind of trees or shrubs. One advantage is that there are no heavy pots or bags of soil to tip over, and also, bare root trees and plants are healthier. Bare root trees are usually dipped in terasorb and then packed in peat moss, which cushions them on the journey ahead. Since bare root trees and plants already have their roots exposed, they are easier to handle and also do not suffer from root damage due to soil pressure when shipping. Economy factors into it also, because as the bare root trees are lighter, a shipper can send more at one time, thereby lowering the cost to the consumer.

Plants and trees shipped with bare roots appear to establish much quicker, according to research. If you have ever tried to plant a large tree or bush that has a big root ball, full of dirt and weighing many pounds, then you know how it feels when the dirt falls into your shoes and onto your head as you are trying to hoist the big tree into its planting hole. By utilizing the bare root plant over one in a pot, there is also a "green" saving in that what you get is what you plant, and there's not a worry about recycling all of the plastic pots or plastic sheeting. That alone makes you feel good. Certain plants do very well being transported in this kind of non-packaging. Trees and roses are two of the most popular plants that are shipped this way. Before you decide on what plants you want to get, take a good look at a professional nursery's website. You can compare size, looks, species and shipping costs of all of their bare root stock.

Certain seasons, especially with roses, are called bare root season. Check with your nursery person about when it's best to get your plants in, what they will need in the way of food and types of soil, how long they will take to establish. etc. Even when looking at a bare root plant, you can tell if the plant's system is healthy or not. Plants bought in larger quantities are often offered at a discount, so it doesn't hurt to check with the supplier. If you are just starting out with planning your garden space or landscaping your commercial building, then it's always wise to plan out where you will put certain plants. One thing to keep in mind is the sun. A lot of plants only like full sun, or all shade, or partial sun, or any combination of those weather conditions. Bare root plants may need protection before they can establish, so check with the nursery pro on temperatures and best times of year for planting them.

Don't be afraid of bare root trees and other plants. They are durable, easy to plant and transport. Plus, when planting them, you don't have to worry about digging a gigantic hole, or which type of soil to put into it. Check with the nursery first for a few tips, stick the tree in the hole and cover it up. Pretty simple. The results will be spectacular, especially if you start out with quality plants.

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Author: Tn nursery is a state certified tree nursery specializing in native plants and trees,shrubs,fern and perennials as well as pond plants and wetland mitigation species.

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Article Title: The Barest Of Roots

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