The Art of Connectiveness - Feng Shui in the Garden

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I was having a game of golf at Nambucca Heads on the New South Wales Mid North Coast of Australia, and my playing partner asked me what was I doing next in life? I had just returned from overseas and I think the locals get a fair bit of chat material from my movements and things I get up to.

"Well", I replied, "I'm thinking of relocating back to the Gold Coast and asking people to invite me into their gardens". I explained a lot of us visit or use our gardens but don't know how to connect with them emotionally or spiritually. I suggested we are moving away from the land (drifting into the cities) and pressures of life forcing us to spend an increasing amount of time in the quest for money and maintaining jobs, family and the like. The garden once central to a family's home now viewed as a feature, ornament, monument or symbol to bolt onto the home and our manufactured lifestyles.

"Not necessary so", he replied. "My wife and myself get a fair bit out of our garden but I don't know how to connect with it". "It's something there in the backyard we just spend time in".

"Do you have a seat in there?"

"No, when I think about it, we haven't".

I suggested that's what I'd like to do after I relocate and not necessarily go about placing seats in every garden (not a bad idea), but try to link people with their surroundings, and in a way I'm practicing the art of connectiveness.

I mentioned, the garden has so much to offer when we view it through Feng Shui eyes and that of Chi. If we can balance a gardens Yin and Yang for example, it takes a more harmonious appeal. By recognising and moderating Sha Chi influences and strengthening Sheng Chi, the garden seems a more receptive and relaxing place. When we garden 'on the curve' and recognise the value of some Feng Shui, the garden becomes more alive, has mystery and diversity and is welcoming. I suggested to him, "I want to marry you and your wife with your garden".

He replied after hitting his drive about 250 metres, (he plays off a handicap of three), "I think you've got something there".

So an opportunity arises and a direction away from all my writing stuff. I think it's a matter of self confidence to go out there and convince people to see their gardens through different eyes. I can monitor responses through my website and test them with my writings. Basically putting the words into practice and if responses remain as they have been so far, my work has not been wasted and the art of connectiveness a reality for some. Hey, and people are getting away from that manufactured life we're starting to lead. Good times are ahead.

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Author: Ross Lamond.
I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed pondering over and writing it. For more related topics and complete eBook Publications, please visit my website Feng Shui Garden - a Modern and Unique Concept to Feng Shui in the Garden and Harmonious Chi (Qi) Within Our Lives. Drop by and pick up your Free Feng Shui Ebooks Sample today!! Regards, Ross Lamond

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Article Title: The Art of Connectiveness - Feng Shui in the Garden

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