The Advantage Of Design-Build Landscaping

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The term �landscaping� can mean many things, but the most common meaning refers to the idea of garden design. Many of us would love to have a beautiful garden or outdoor oasis to relax in, but just don�t have a green thumb. Gardening also takes a good deal of knowledge as well as some backbreaking hard labor. Many of us don�t have the knowledge, time, or physical capability to design, plan and install an outdoor space; so we turn to professional landscape designers.

Some landscapers only design gardens, and hire gardening subcontractors to do the physical work of installing the elements of their outdoor designs. Other firms are �design-build landscapers� who do it all, from the initial consultation to completing the entire new landscape. Design-build landscapers are able to offer several advantages over design only firms. Using a single company to handle all aspects of the job can save time and money, while achieving a consistent look in the final design.

An outdoor design may have many features, including plants, water, lighting, stones and paving, as well as ornaments and other small details. Such elements would require several contractors, such as horticulturalists to provide the plants; excavators to dig pools and ponds or land features; electricians to install lighting and electrical outlets; plumbers to install water pipes, pumps and drains; masons to erect walls and create paths; and decorators to choose furniture and other d�cor.

A landscaping company that both designs and builds a garden can save time, as there is no middle man to deal with. Once a design team has finalized the composition, they would then need to start lining up their different contractors and scheduling the job. The contractors, in turn, would need to begin the process of ordering and purchasing any needed supplies. In contrast, a firm that has their own team of specialists at hand can streamline this process by having everyone working together throughout the process. There is less time waiting for orders and supplies, as many commonly used items would already be in stock. There is less downtime when making changes in the design as well, by eliminating the need to communicate with several outside parties.

Using a single firm to complete all aspects of a design can also save money, as they are able to control the cost of supplies and labor, rather than having to pay what outside contractors charge.

Additionally, a team of designers and specialists may have been working together for some time, and so are able to easily to understand what each party wants and needs from the other, which helps to ensure an overall consistency in the final product. The designers are able to directly supervise the workers, so they are able to get the results that they want for their designs. Finally, integrating all aspects of the design project means that the landscaping company is accountable for all the details. This means that they are better able to guarantee the quality of the work that goes into the new landscape design.

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Article Title: The Advantage Of Design-Build Landscaping

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