TN Nursery Encourages You to Involve Kids When Planting Seeds in Your Garden

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Young children copy parents and grandparents. They follow the examples of the elders for many activities including the gardening projects and activities. Children have a natural method of learning so when they mimic or copy an adult; they are actually learning the steps and process to complete new tasks they view.

Sharing the gardening experience with a young child helps to develop many positive habits they can use as adults. The children learn how to appropriately tend the garden produce and how to achieve goals by following standards set by the adults. The sense of accomplishment shows on the little faces when they view the tomatoes, corn, flowers, and other items in the garden grow to maturity. The bright smiling faces reveal the accomplishment and pride the youngster feels by their efforts in the garden.

The kids learn responsibility for tending the garden by watering, preparing the soil, weeding, and finally picking the vegetables they helped plant from seed or seedlings. They were the one to baby the plants from the beginning the minute they planted the seeds in the ground and watered them. The plants represent many things to the youngster.

Planting seeds with the child in the garden creates a terrific opportunity for spending quality time on the personal level and to teach responsibility. Kids love to learn. They will enjoy the time outdoors in the dirt with the sun and water to make the gardening extremely fun. When a child is able to learn how to take care of the seeds they planted, they will respect the healthy foods and possible also learn about nutrition in the process.

The first part of planting seeds with the child is to select the right type of seeds for the child and the location in the garden. Make a map or grid for the layout of the garden. The layout can include vegetables or flowers. As long as it is designed to accommodate the seeds and the room of the plants, the child will enjoy this process.

Let the child select the seeds to plant. They might really like to see the green beans on the trellis or in the bush style. They will enjoy seeing the plants sprout from the soil and daily grow taller and fuller under their love and attention. The child will see the growing patterns of the seeds from the beginning until harvest.

The child may like to plant seeds for cucumbers, squash, or pumpkins. Explain to the child how the seeds create a vine on the plant and needs room to spread out in all directions to the child will need to allow for the vines that will form later. The kids will become excited when they see how the little seed they planted created this sprawling vine plant with large cucumbers, squash, and brilliantly colored pumpkins.

Show the child how to weed and water the garden. Explain the importance of the water and removing the weeds. The youngster will enjoy this lesson but not always the feat of pulling weeds. Make chore a game by telling the child how the seeds they planted need to nutrition of the soil but the weeds take that away from their seeds. They will take charge of this task so their seeds reach maturity.

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Article Title: TN Nursery Encourages You to Involve Kids When Planting Seeds in Your Garden

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