Symbolic Flower Meanings

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We may be going over some of the more common, and popular flowers that are found out there.

we'll start out with the carnations. The carnations have several different color varieties so we'll go over the basic couple beginning with the general meaning of the carnation. The carnation stands for the love of a woman and your love. It also incorporates obsession.

If you were to get a pink carnation that would suggest that the person that sent you that carnation will never forget you. You will always be in their head even if you're not there. If you were to receive the red carnation that basically implies somebody misses you a lot. It means that you are in their heart. It's also used for admiration. A white carnation basically implies pure or true love, someone's innocence. A striped carnation can be used to convey that you can't be with someone. A yellow carnation is an indication of rejection.

Next we are going to move onto the Chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum in general means that somebody is a fabulous buddy, rest, and even cheerfulness. The chrysanthemum also comes in different varieties in which we will cover. The white chrysanthemum implies the truth, and the yellow means slighted love.

The daffodil stands for unrequited love, and it suggests that you're the just one for me. The daisy's meaning is innocence, faithful love, purity, and the chestnut I may Never Tell. Lavender stands for Admiration, and quietude. The ambrosia flower is used to convey reciprocal love.

The Forget Me Not, which most of us are sure to know about, has the meaning of true love, and memories.

The white lily means virginity, purity, and majesty. The yellow lily implies that you are walking on air, and the calla lily stand for beauty. The tiger lily, which is unique in and of it, stands for wealth and pride. The day lily is the Chinese emblem for mother, and the Lily of the Valley essentially stands for sweetness, humility, return to contentment, and that You've Made My Life Complete.

The bridal rose means love, of course. The dark crimson rose stands for mourning, and the hibiscus rose stands for delicate beauty. The pink rose stands for perfect contentment, and the red rose stands for love and I like you. The white rose stands for innocence and purity.

The sweet pea stands for good bye, and exit. The iris is a flower which represents religion, courage, and wisdom. It is also used to convey the importance of a comradeship. The yarrow flower is used to convey healing, and aloe is used as a symbol of integrity and wisdom. The orchid stands for beauty, refinement, love, and gorgeous woman.

Now that you know a touch more about some of the meanings to a couple of flowers that are usually found in the florists today you'll be able to realize what flowers should go in a certain bouquets, and if you receive a bouquet, what it means. Keep in mind that no all folks will communicate in flower selections ; they could have different cultural understanding per the meaning of flowers, or did not consider the flower meaning and simply selected them due to the design. However , some florists do keep these meanings in mind when coming up with a vase or bouquet.

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Author: Mudassir Malik
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Article Title: Symbolic Flower Meanings

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