Survivalist Seeds, Prepared to Die?

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We don't really need to ask why the popularity with non-hybrid seeds, also known as survivalist seeds. With weekly revelations of additional staff at the White House espousing, let us say, non-capitalist sentiment there are many American patriots that are feeling the cold finger of fear and feel preparations are in order. Unfortunately for some however is that what they have put their faith in may lull them into a false sense of security and possibly even hasten their catastrophe. The question that I want to put out to those who have invested in seeds or are contemplating purchasing them is this. Do you know how to grow?

It seems elementary I know but some haven't seen the light yet. What good are seeds if you don't know how to grow food, harvest it and store it to survive until the next year and do it again? When the crisis hits it is too late to say, "Oh shoot, I wish I had been planting a garden already." Now is the time to start and now is the time to learn. You will also want to test competitors seeds for yourself to find out what works best. It's not like you are going to be able to walk into a Box mart and find quality seeds that haven't been genetically altered or distorted in some way.

A beginners guide is a great resource if you have never had a garden before. It will help you to understand the ground rules for growing anything. I used to repeat the tired old clich� "Life begins in the soil" but when I started to get a basic understanding of growing food organically, I realized that statement was only a half truth. Life actually originates in the soil. I want to be clear with this point because it is so important. I am not talking about dirt, that stuff is good for little but driving on. I am referring to soil fertility. It has nutrients to support plant life, a pH factor that is favorable to vegetation and very important trace minerals and elements essential for plant growth. The most important factor determining fertility are the presence of many types of micro-organisms. Without Mycorrhizal fungi, a range of friendly bacteria, protozoa, nematodes and earth worms, your garden is going to be in very sad shape.

Remember this, chemicals kill more than just weeds. Chemicals destroy the natural balance needed to support both plant life and your life. So don't believe the marketing that tells you that a miracle growing mixture is going to make your garden grow faster and healthier. That simply is a lie. If your soil has been exposed to chemicals you are going to have to take steps to restore the soil chemistry and then re-introduce organic matter and micro-organisms. Don't worry, it is very simple actually.

So what are you going to do? I can hear a hearty reply "I'm going to start now!" There. You feel better already don't you. Do not be discouraged or daunted by the process of learning something new because it really is easy once you get your feet wet. After all, people having been growing food since the beginning of time and I am sure that you are just as capable. Hey, even I can do this stuff! It is a lot of fun but what I enjoy the most is the inexplicable calming effect that gardening has on myself and many others as well. It also provides an array of teaching moments for my five and seven year old daughters. A good idea is useless until you put it in effect so if you have ever contemplated starting a garden to supply your own food, let me encourage you to start now. Learning new skills is
seldom ever regretted.

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Author: Greg Traver
Greg Traver writes articles that enable anyone to be a successful organic gardener. Want to know how to grow? Read for yourself at --->

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Article Title: Survivalist Seeds, Prepared to Die?

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