Staying Well � A Gardening And Health Revolution!

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ASAP Plant Minerals is unique, compared to commonly available soil treatments. There is nothing like it on the market today. The formulation of ASAP Plant Minerals organic soil amendment contains all the critical 14 essential minerals plants need to flourish.

Water molecules hydrate the minerals once created by their proprietary process and protect them from degenerating into less bio-available forms. In dry forms, dehydrated minerals recombine into clusters and are far less available for absorption by roots of plants. The action on the minerals by the roots to chemically break them down into sizes that can be absorbed takes life energy and creates an energy deficit experienced by the plant.

Research has revealed a profound difference in the uptake and utilization of ASAP organic soil amendment in flower and crop plants. Their unique form of magnesium is the cause of the double foliage and flower sets, while other minerals move quickly from the soil up into the leaves to the chloroplasts to create phytochemicals to rapidly grow the plant and infuse the fruit with additional nutrients in the pulp and skin.

This is why ASAP is marketed to organic growers. Why offer a way to increase the nutrition in the skin of fruit and vegetables if you have to remove the skins and outer leaves because they are contaminated with petrochemical pesticide. This makes no sense. The consumer gets food that actually feeds them without risking cancers later in life. Disease and genetic aberrations causing cancer is far less confusing than medical science would like you to believe.

There are only three ways to get cancer: radiation, reduced oxygen pressure at the capillaries and environmental toxins. If you don�t work in a radiological environment and don�t smoke then the last way is the only one that you have to worry about. The individual genetic susceptibility to threshold levels of specific toxins is the tipping point into cancers. Everyone has a different set of sensitivities and is part of the evolved human survival mechanism. Detoxification in this chemical-age is critical and foods grown with ASAP may improve your chances especially by eating organically grown foods. Certainly the phytochemicals found in grape skins, blueberries, black raspberries, strawberries, carrots, aloe vera and cranberries have been identified to help and eliminate the antagonistic chemicals that cause the scales to tip. Why coat food with pesticides and introduce the antagonist with the cure?

Why hydration is so important: It has been shown experimentally that metal mineral water complexes can interact with chromosome DNA like magnesium minerals vibrating at specific frequencies in water.

Researchers in one particular experiment found that microwaves of around 3 gigahertz could resonantly drive a longitudinal vibration mode in DNA chains by electrically coupling with minerals residing on the hydrated backbone of the DNA helix. Therefore the operating theory at this time is that the correct metal minerals could transform a damaged configuration back into a normal configuration to maintain proper DNA function.

This is the exciting part of research. It is certain that ASAP soil treatment will increase yield and nutrient values in organically grown crops fed ASAP, it may also prove to provide foods to eat to help prevent cancers.

But beyond all that, the ASAP grown food just simply tastes better.

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August Dunning is the head Research Director at

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Article Title: Staying Well � A Gardening And Health Revolution!

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