Show Concern to the Environment and Use Reel Lawn Mower

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Today, every machine developed would bring great convenience to everyone. As a proof, take a look at all the appliances in your home. All are operated with just a single push of the button. Agree? While these new technological advances are made to make our life easier, we do not see their pitfalls. These new advances are good news but we should never ignore the fact that some of them can cause great harm to us especially in the environment.

Let's take a look at the lawnmower as a good example. Yes, cutting your grass is a tiresome job and the introduction of gas lawnmowers has made your choose a lot easier and faster. This may be true as you have to get rid of walking all around your lawn just to cut your tall grass with the use of the reel lawn mower. But did you ever think that these gas lawnmowers can also harm the environment?

These lawn mowers need the presence of gas to be able to derive power. And since gas is considered as one of the factors that pollute the air, you too can contribute to air pollution once this machine is used every Saturday or Sunday morning. Just like cars, they also emit exhaust gases which can cause great harm to the air. So just imagine if all your neighbors are using gas lawn mowers every week, how much of exhaust gas will be emitted in the air? This might be an unsightly scenario. Now that climate change is taking its toll, we as inhabitants of the air must look for ways to be able to be able to counter the effects of climate change.

Just take a look at how you can contribute to air pollution by just using this simple lawn mower machine. This gas lawn mower has a small gas motor which is also a contributor to air pollution. Though they may only be small, you must never underestimate their capability of being an active contributor to pollution. An average of 10 of the greenhouse gases are produced by these small motors found in lawn mowers and they also contribute 30 of the total air pollution especially in the summer months when grass is in its finest.

What is worse is that these machines are not equipped with a catalytic converter that would convert the harmful gases produced into friendlier gases before they escape the machine. Cars are equipped with catalytic converters to be able to counter its effect on air pollution. But this small machine does not have one meaning, they can produce high amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile compounds and greenhouse gases. You should know that all these are very hazardous not just to the environment but also to human health.

Since cars today are more capable of emitting less harmful gases, gas lawn mowers can pollute as much in an hour as opposed to the combination of 40 cars. And lastly, the rising cost of gas could only put a huge hole in your pocket.

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Article Title: Show Concern to the Environment and Use Reel Lawn Mower

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