Rose Cuttings � The Art Of Cutting And Preparing Them For Propagation

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Since the Victorian Era, rose cuttings have been used to propagate roses, and even pioneers who journeyed west to find a new life would use this art as well. They would take along various cuttings from their gardens in the east, putting them in mason jars and carting them across the land until they found the right place to plant.

If you want a garden project that is easy and fun propagating new roses by using rose cuttings can be done quite simply. This is a great way to start your own rose garden for cheap. While there is not set way you have to prepare your cuttings, just about everyone seems to have their own special way of doing it. However, here are a few things that will help you out as you get started in the art of preparing your cuttings and then planting them. Consider doing some experimenting to find out which method works the best for you.

Mason Jar Method

This is a fairly simple way of using rose cuttings for propagation. You�ll first want to cut a stem from the rose bush of your choice. Then you�ll want to take the stem and take off any leaves there are on it. Once you plant it into the ground, you�ll need to cover it with a mason jar. Make sure that you water the area around the jar, just to be sure that the stem doesn�t get too dry. Usually after a couple months, you�ll see new leaves growing from this cutting.

Stick in the Ground Method

Another way of rose propagation that is probably the easiest is the stick in the ground method. First you�ll need to find a good stem to use from the plant you want to propagate. Look for a stem that is green and healthy and make sure it is about a foot long. Usually the best stems will come from rose bushes that have bloomed recently. Also, you�ll want to take a stem from a bush that has been watered recently as well so it is well hydrated.

Usually you�ll want to go with a stem that has small buds, and it is best to go with one that has a few buds on it, making sure that there are no diseases on the stem. Cut it from the rose bush with pruning shears that are sharp. Make sure you get rid of the leaves and the bloom parts too.

You�ll need to trim your stem too. Hold your stem so that the buds point up, then hold your shears at an angle and cut right about the top bud. Then you�ll also want to cut right below the bottom bud as well. Once you have properly trimmed the stem, then you can plant it. Make sure you put it in a place where it will be away from animals and from harsh weather. You�ll also want to be sure the area gets sun and drains well as well. Use a trowel to make a small hole and then plant the stem. Place the stem about halfway down into the soil and then pat soil all around it so it won�t fall. Make sure that you keep it moist as well.

Potting Method

This is another quite simple method of rose bush propagation. You�ll need a couple little garden pots about two-inches in size. You�ll fill them with potting soil and consider going with one that uses part perlite as well, which helps new roots to grow.

Place your rose cutting into this mix, and then put the pot in a place that gets plenty of sun. Make sure you water it on a regular basis as well. This is one of the most popular methods for many, since it is easy to put it in a place where you can watch it closely. Also, it makes it easier to transplant the rose later if you already have it in a pot.

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Article Title: Rose Cuttings � The Art Of Cutting And Preparing Them For Propagation

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