Recreating the Garden of Eden in Unlikely Places

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In ancient and modern cultures, the Garden of Eden was and is seen as a paradise filled with flirtatiously sweet flowers, always pregnant fruit trees, refreshing sugar-free waters and perpetual sunshine and moonlight. In short, it was heaven on Earth that remains unparalleled to this day when the descendants of Adam and Eve have almost reverted to public nudity. But that's neither here nor there.

You can actually recreate the Garden of Eden anywhere you want, when you want and for any reason you want. That's almost like saying you can have a piece of heaven on your very own patch - or pot - of soil. Here then are the likely and unlikely places to start your very own Garden of Eden.

Your Neighbor's Backyard

Just because the grass is always greener on the other side, that's why. Plus, you cannot be bothered with paying the water bills. We kid you not. Seriously speaking, this is a good idea especially when your backyard is a figment of your fertile imagination. Of course, there is neighborly etiquette involved here lest you recreate not the Garden of Eden but the Garden of Strife or someplace like it.

You need to have a contract, even if it is unspoken. For example, lay down the ground rules - sharing of gardening time and expenses, plants to cultivate, splitting of harvest, etcetera. And please do kiss up once in a while. We kid, we kid.

Your Neighborhood's Empty Lot

There is an inspiring story about the Pat Baker Park in Reno. It was dubbed an instant park because of its completion within two days, all the materials and labor contributed by big businesses and small children alike, of all stripes and colors.

You might think that it's not as extraordinary as we are making it out to be but keep in mind that it was constructed in 1968, the year when Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, the year when black was black and white was white and there was no intermingling of the two. In short, you might as well be shooting for the moon. If Pat Baker can make a park on donations, why can't you? Now, there's a challenge even the snake in the Garden of Eden will tell you to bite and bite big.

Your Dank and Dark Basement

Well, who says that basements have to be dank and dark all the time? It's scary enough as it is so it's time to turn it into a haven of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Oh, don't worry about sunlight because there are artificial lights for this purpose. And if you are not one for handling soil, well, then there's always hydroponics. It uses mineral-enriched water as soil, artificial lights for sun and plastic containers for ground. And you can theoretically plant anything you want - flowers, fruits and vegetables - thus, transforming your dark and dank basement into an airy and light underground farm of sorts.

The Garden of Eden is not in the Middle East as classicists will have it or in Jackson County, Minnesota as the Mormons will have you believe. You can find it anywhere you have the fertile imagination to let it take root, pun intended.

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Author: Whitey Segura
Whitney Segura is an expert gardener and owner of Mini Greenhouse Kits, a company that distributes greenhouses and greenhouse accessories in the U.S. Read more tutorials at the Gardening Article Directory, like Tips for A+ Growing in Greenhouses.

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Article Title: Recreating the Garden of Eden in Unlikely Places

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