Raising Plants From Seeds

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The idea of growing plants from seeds might be making you hesitant however you should also know that there are lots of benefits that you can get when raising your plants from seeds.

The benefit of having them from seeds is that you can control the health as well as the longevity of the plants. You can also control the number of plants you want to plant in your garden without any worry of spending too much money as seeds are much more affordable than plants.

However, raising them requires a few things in order to make it successful as well as the proper materials and care you need to have and do. Here are some of what you will need:

Basically, when you plant your seeds you will need a container where you will plant your seeds. You can use any container you want such as tins, egg cartons, pots and many more or if you want you can also buy one at your local garden store. In case you have a larger plot to fill, you would consider buying more than one container.

Purchase a soilless mix where you will plant the seeds. This is better to use than soil as it doesn't have harmful diseases and it has a good drainage which is essential when planting seeds as they are delicate.

Your seeds should be purchased by now as you are ready to sow them on your seed containers. The choice in what seeds you want really depends on what you want to plant on your garden or farm. You can purchase seeds from your local garden store or if you saved some you can use them on your own seed containers.

Make sure that you mark all of your seed containers to avoid any confusion on which young plants are. You won't like get mixed up with your plants especially when they look alike when they're young. You can use anything to label the containers as long as they won't get erased by the water as you will be watering your seed containers on a regular basis.

Make sure that your seedlings will receive enough sunlight for them to grow healthy. However, if your place doesn't allow you a good area to have sunlight you can always use a florescent light or any high density light made especially for plants.

Water your seedling as much as they require. Most seeds need a moist environment to grow faster and healthier. Be careful though when watering your seeds as they get stressed from harsh watering as their new roots get shaken most of the time. You can use a sprayer and adjust it to its mildest spray in order to avoid stressing out the seedlings.

Covering them with a plastic bag or other types of coverings is a good way to keep warmth and moisture to your seed container. Doing this will lessen your trip on watering them. This is essential as this process of watering is much safer and accurate than manually watering your seeds as this will avoid over-watering your seed container.

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Author: Sara Ryan
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Article Title: Raising Plants From Seeds

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