Push Reel Mowers, Real Benefits

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I remember as a young child, trying to mow our small front yard with a reel push mower. I remember my dad made it look so easy but as a kid, I couldn't wait for the day I could get a mower with a motor! Well, guess what, now I want a push reel mower again! And as luck would have it, there are plenty to choose from.

Yes, whether you call them push reel mowers ,push mowers, old fashioned mowers, or just manual mowers, they are making a big comeback. Many people have never seen a push reel mower, maybe on an old episode of Leave It To Beaver, but that's about it. Consider some of the benefits these push reel mowers provide.

They're Green. Gas powered lawn mowers are a major contributor to emissions. The engines on most gas mowers are very basic and contribute to pollution. Once a push reel mowers is manufactured, the pollution it produces is gone. Push reel mowers provide clean pollution free mowing. They also put out little noise pollution, just a peaceful whurr. Can you imagine mowing your front lawn at 5:00 am without disturbing your neighbors?

They're Economical. I never thought mowing my lawn was an expensive task, until gas hit $4 a gallon. I used to be able to fill my gas can with pocket change, now I use my credit card. Push reel mowers run on a renewable resource, you! Push reel mowers are available under $100 and need very little maintenance and always start on the firs pull or, push if you will. As for service, you may need to oil them here and there and sharpen the blades every so often, but you never need to change the oil or replace a broken starter rope. It has also been my experience, that most of my gas mowers have only lasted a year or to before the motor gives out. I know it is partially my fault for not changing oil, plugs an filters or draining the gas in the fall, but who remembers all of that stuff?

They give a free workout. We have spent so many years trying to make things easier for ourselves that we now have it to easy and have to pay to get a good work out. Push reel mowers will give you a nice low impact work out at your own pace.

Your lawn will love it. A good sharp reel mower will leave your lawn in beautiful shape. If you wear your old steel golf spikes, you will can aerate your lawn at the same. Speaking of golf, many golf courses use a form of a reel mower to keep their grass in top shape. You can even get bagger attachments for many of the models although, they tend to cut the grass into fairly small clippings.

While push reel mowers may not be for everyone, many smaller lawns and their owners, not to mention our planet and our economy can benefit.

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Article Title: Push Reel Mowers, Real Benefits

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