Potting Instructions For Your Indoor House Plant

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To start you need a container and some soil to pot your plant.


You want a pot that is large enough to hold your indoor plant, the potting soil with a little extra room for water and growth. Do not start with a pot that is a lot larger than the plant as you will not see any growth on top. A pot that is too large can also cause root disease as a result of the excess moisture retained in the soil. A container that is too small will obviously restrict a plant's growth. You also want a pot with drainage holes. If you were to over-water, which may happen, the water sitting on the bottom of the pot will cause many problems for your plant. Plants in containers without drainage openings stay wet longer so if you do not have drainage holes and don't want to put any in, you should at minimum cover the bottom with pebbles so the water can sit away from the roots and be absorbed slowly.

These days pots come in many different materials -- clay, ceramic. plastic, fiberglass etc. Clay is still considered the best container for house plants as it provides excellent aeration for plant roots. FYI - Most plants you purchase already come in a clay pot. A clay pot is very porous and its walls hold moisture and nutrients for the plant roots. I recommend using a clay pot and inserting it into another container for decorative or practical purposes.


Potting soil is a mix of rich organic material such as peat, compost,vermiculite and barks designed especially for plants growing in containers. You can buy quality potting soil at your local nursery. You may also want to purchase organic potting soil which is not much more expensive these days. Just be sure to ask for soil that is porous, allows root growth, is fast draining and holds moisture. A tip - if the bag of soil is very heavy, it is not the one to buy. If you are very ambitious you can mix your own potting soil. I will post potting soil recipes on my site shortly.

Just remember correctly potting you plant is a key step, along with watering, fertilizing, and providing sufficient light in ensuring its healthy.

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Article Title: Potting Instructions For Your Indoor House Plant

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