Popular Options For Garden Hose Storage

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Storage solutions for garden hose come in wide and various designs, models, types, and materials. Options include garden hose holder, garden hose reel, and garden hose cart.

Does a garden hose lying around your garden annoy you? Have you or anyone in the family slipped over the hose at one time or another? Lighten up. You have many options for storing your garden hose. Take a look.

Garden Hose Holder
Storing your garden hose properly is no longer a problem with garden hose holder. It is typically set up on the side of your home and plays a vital part in keeping your residence appear organized and tidy. The holders also prevent everyone, especially children, from tripping in kinked or twisted garden hoses around the house.

This tool also presents a nice-looking and functional choice to other garden hose storage types. It not only keeps your garden hose smartly curled, but they are on hand in numerous diverse materials and designs. You can find holders to match the length and type of your garden hose. There are heavy duty ornamental garden hose holders that feature faucet extension. These models are usually mounted on a sturdy aluminum pole and can be picketed in your preferred area.

Some hose holders offered are created from wrought iron festooned with lavish designs. These are far different from everyday plastic hose holders and adjoin a feel of classiness to your home and landscape. You can also acquire one decked with your name or initial. Depending on the type of material and design that you select, prices of garden hose holders vary from about 50 to 500 dollars. These holders are offered at Home Depots and on the Internet.

Garden Hose Reel
Whatever the length of your garden hose (20, 50, 100, or 200 feet,), a garden hose reel will stock it up handily. Many and varied styles and models of garden hose reels are offered in a lot of stores. There are hose reel models that are decorative, looking like trendy pots but efficiently serving as hose reels. Some others are portable electric-powered reels. Still others come in retractable designs that feature advanced layering system to make sure that the hose pulls in effortlessly and uniformly.
There are hose reels mounted on the side of your residence or on cart units, and can be moved around. Plastic hose reels cost a few dollars while high-end reels cost about more than 100 dollars. The choices are endless and the one you purchase just depends on your lifestyle and finances.

Garden Hose Container
A garden hose container helps keep your garden hose from resting scattered on the lawn. The hose is easily coiled up inside the container to make your landscape or home look more orderly and tidy.

It comes in assorted styles and designs. Some are finished from plastic or wood and carry detachable covers with lock and storage stands. Other cool and creative hose containers worth buying include those old metal pails, woven or rattan baskets, or big terra cotta and copper pots. As for woven baskets, they need to be placed indoors in the wintry weather to prevent it from developing some cracks.

Garden Hose Cart
A garden hose cart is handy and can normally lodge garden hoses up to 250 feet. It makes transporting hoses easy from one place to another. This mobility makes it more convenient to water your landscape or garden. Quite a few designs of hose carts are on hand�the stand-alone garden hose cart or the reel and cart together. Or, if you like to have a complete mechanism to mind your garden, some types of hose carts come as piece of a gardening station that comprises a sink, table, and storage section.

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Article Title: Popular Options For Garden Hose Storage

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